Connectivity in Context--M2M in the World of Cyber-Physical Production

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LONDON, Dec. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- connectivity in Context—M2M in the World of Cyber-Physical Production : Business Process Efficiency, Operation Optimisation, and Customer Acquisition to Drive Large-Scale M2M Adoption
The industrial machine-to-machine (M2M) market is an increasingly important source of growth for mobile operators and network service providers. It is allowing operators, service providers, and M2M end users to offset slowing growth, and increase productivity and efficiency. The aim of this study is to understand the future impact of M2M on the industrial and the manufacturing environment. The study provides analysis of global industrial M2M connections under four different functional layers—sensing layer, device layer, network layer, and software and application development layer. Furthermore, it provides an outlook of the key challenges, opportunities, and strategies for M2M value chain participants and solution providers.

Key Questions this Section will Answer

Market Today—Examining M2Ms Evolution, Adoption and Prevailing Trends

- How has the M2M market evolved over time? What is the potential of the M2M market in the manufacturing, industrial automation, and factory automation space?
- What are the key drivers of the global M2M market? What are the key challenges hindering the return-on-investment (ROI) in the global M2M market?
- What are the prevailing trends for M2M across vertical and horizontal markets? How is the M2M market set to grow during 2015-2021? What is the CAGR? Which regions are expected to lead in M2M adoption in terms of revenue and number of connections?
- Which are the emerging horizontal markets? What are the key technological trends in the M2M space? How will this M2M technological transformation be accepted by the existing market participants?

Sensing Layer—Unraveling the Market Potential of M2M Sensors

- What are the key sensor types used exclusively in the M2M market?
- What are the key market trends for M2M sensors across vertical markets, such as process, discrete, and hybrid industries?
- What are the potential end-user opportunities for M2M adoption through sensors? What are the integral design factors to be considered for expanding the end-user opportunities?
- What are the emerging M2M sensors? What factors are to be considered while designing the
new-age M2M sensor?

Device Layer—Realising Lucrative Opportunities in the Latent M2M Gateways Market

- Which are the key M2M hardware devices adopted in the market?
- What is the current unit shipment of M2M gateways? At what rate will the unit shipments increase?
- What are the common types of M2M gateways required in commercial and general use cases and what are their key features?
- What are the end user expectations from an industrial gateway? How can deterministic Ethernet help in augmenting customer value for industrial gateways?

Network Layer— Examining the Functional Components of Power Line Communication

- How is the industrial radio spectrum characterised for the M2M market? What is the global market size and CAGR (during 2014 to 2021) of industrial radio spectrum? How much data is being consumed by the different industry verticals during 2014 and what is the forecasted data consumption?
- Which are the key wireless technologies used in M2M and what are their respective operating frequencies?
- How to use LPWAN to leverage low power connectivity services in M2M market?
- How would 5G technology revolutionise M2M market by 2021?

Software Management Layer—An Overview of Software Development Platforms

- How has the traditional M2M software market evolved into something more than just a
device-centric and process-centric market?
- How is the M2M software market segmented into connected device platform and application platform?
- What is the percent of sales revenue spread-out across the distribution channel?
- What is the percent revenue share of M2M software by vertical market and by region? At what rate will the M2M software market grow during 2015 to 2021?

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