"Decoding B'aqtun" Launches with the Help of Famed Business Woman Elisabeth Thieriot

Executive Producer and Investor announces her new film about the Mayan calendar

Jun 12, 2012, 15:32 ET from Elisabeth Thieriot

SAN FRANCISCO, June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Elisabeth Thieriot, a San Francisco-based business woman, co-founder of PhoneCharge, Inc, philanthropist and author of Be Fabulous at Any Age is pleased to announce the debut of her film "Decoding B'aqtun." The film, which was executively produced and financed by Thieriot, was shot earlier this year and uncovers previously unseen Mayan artifacts from the sites of Tikal and Quirigua in Guatemala.

"This film is especially relevant to the time in which we currently live, and my goal is to discover more about the Mayans, and take you on the journey," Elisabeth Thieriot says. "The fact that so long ago ancient Mayans were marking 2012 as an important year makes the message especially significant. They knew then what we must know now."

The film features never before seen artifacts, disclosed by the National Institute of Archeology and explained by head archeologists in charge of the Mayan site. In addition, the film gives an account of the Mayan heritage explained through the perspective of Mayans themselves; making each moment a personalized inside view of the true Mayan history. This is necessary to understand how the Mayan calendar functions. Translators include president of the Mayan Council for Guatemala and epigraphist, Apolinario Chile Pixtun, epigraphist, Lolmay Pedro Garcia, archaeologists Agustin Anaya and Adriana Sanchez, native Mayan descendants, philosophers, researchers, artisans, writers, members of the Mayan Confederation, and more. The film is co-produced by Juan Diego Rodriguez, Ling Delgado and Eduardo Vertiz, and directed by Emiliano Chaparro, also the director of photography.

The film will preview tunnels specially opened by archeologists and never before shown, as well as the actual precious stone that the Mayan calendar was created upon 5,000 years ago. The Mayan calendar is the only calendar in human existence that continues to be active with the alignment of the planetary movement.

"B'aqtun" is the term for the last cycle of the Mayan calendar. There have been 13 cycles before and they come about every 5,000 years. As we infringe on the end of the 13th cycle, the most monumental and controversial, "Decoding B'aqtun" will address the prophecies on the end of the world that were generated based upon apocalyptic visions, tales and legends. 

The Mayan revelations are important to Thieriot to render for societies' knowledge and education. Through her close bond with the Mayan community throughout filming, she has resolved to continue her support by donating to the Mayan Federation a percentage of the proceeds from "Decoding B'aqtun," earmarked for education of Mayan culture and science.

"I always am in search of the optimum quality of life – I have found these answers through our journey with the Mayans, and will share them in my film" Thieriot exclaims. "I am dedicated to the integrity of the film content and its accuracy, what I put out has to be true. I recognize through my strong connection to the Mayan people and their value system, that the heritage, science and prophecies must be communicated to the world for our betterment."

Thieriot is a mother of two as well as an active San Francisco Bay Area philanthropist. She stays involved in many foundations including (but not limited to): St. Francis Hospital SF, Lifeline Humanitarian Foundation, Global Green USA, Emergency Breast Cancer Foundation and the Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation.

About "Decoding B'aqtun"
The film does not yet have a debut date. Shot in Guatemala, the film uncovers previously seen Mayan artifacts from the sites of Tikal and Quirigua, Guatemala. It takes its audience on a journey to discover the optimum quality of life through the Mayan prophesies and example.

SOURCE Elisabeth Thieriot