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"Click to share" buttons on a press release are a helpful way to spread your message, but they don't go far enough. Typical social sharing buttons enable readers to share a link to your content but require them to write their own post copy. With SocialBoost -- powered by SoSha -- you provide social post copy that adheres to your brand's message and makes it easier for your audience to share your story the way you want it to be seen.


See how SocialBoost helps brands drive social media conversations, increase engagement, and amplify your press release's impact:

How It Works

The SocialBoost widget is embedded into your press release, enabling readers to share your news through various social media networks. With each social share button, the reader can share both the link to your content and your pre-written social post copy.

SocialBoost enables your organization to:

Boost Visibility and Engagement:

Expand your story's reach and drive traffic back to your press release with SocialBoost. More than 90% of the downstream sites and networks that distribute your press release will also display the SocialBoost widget, expanding your reach exponentially.


Simplify Sharing:

By providing pre-written post and image suggestions for each platform, your audience no longer needs to write their own content. Plus, they can avoid the hassle of logging in or sharing personal credentials with any platform beyond their own social media accounts.


Amplify Organic Sharing:

This easy-to-use tool encourages seamless social media sharing across platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp.


Drive the Conversation:

By employing pre-written social post suggestions and images, you influence discussions to stay true to your brand's message. 


Track and Analyze Performance:

Gain insights into your press release's sharing impact within your Visibility Report. This data empowers you to calculate ROI, making your PR efforts more strategic and impactful.


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