"Don't Let a Liar Lead You" - Rowdy House Music Release becoming America's Theme Song

Controversial Video Goes Viral as Presidential Debates Heat Up

Oct 15, 2012, 11:12 ET from Rowdy House Music

STATELINE, Nev., Oct. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- "Don't Let a Liar Lead You" is a hard hitting rock anthem which mirrors the concepts explored in a little grey book offered by the best-selling author, Andy Andrews.  His book which is titled: "How Do You Kill Eleven Million People? - Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think," issues a wakeup call: "become informed citizens who demand honesty and integrity from our leaders, or suffer the consequences of our own ignorance and apathy." 

The excitement of the 2012 Presidential Election was preempted by the release of the Rowdy House rock single "Don't Let a Liar Lead You" and the YouTube video was posted in time for the name calling on both sides of the isle to begin.  Political accusations and credibility issues have been increasing in an intensity never seen before in recent history.  With the Obama and Romney campaigns questioning the truthfulness of the other almost daily, news anchors have seemingly begun dancing to the tune.  The public is questioning statements relating to everything from Libya to the economy.  As a result, job security has improved - for "fact checkers," and not surprisingly for both sides.

Most of the controversy stems from the song's title and the timing of the message during the 2012 Presidential election cycle.  In addition, the second verse of the song describes the steps leading to the most well-known tragedy in human history which was the result of a government sponsored campaign of lies.  This section of the video illustrates concepts in the book by best-selling author Andy Andrews which was the inspiration for the song.

The video was created to educate and stimulate discussion, and it has. The title of the video and its subject matter, along with current, controversial political events and campaign rhetoric has combined to make this video go viral on the internet.  It is showing up everywhere: Facebook, music sites, Christian sites, and political sites of varying inclinations. These factors have made the aptly timed release of the song almost visionary. Is the song a pop culture prophecy?

"Rowdy House has possibly recorded the best song for any election year," said one music journalist, who gave the song five stars in her review.  Adding "This song should probably be America's theme song this year."

And with the debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan behind us and the Obama/Romney debate in New York to touch on prickly issues like Obamacare and income taxes, "Don't Let a Liar Lead You" is expected to continue on its upward trajectory. We can also be sure that "fact checkers" will find more "lies" to question following the debate on foreign policy in Florida on October 22 including hot topics like Israel, Iran and Syria.

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