EAT24's Self-Learning Algorithm Knows "What's Good"

Discover the best local dishes you never knew you wanted.

Jun 19, 2014, 12:36 ET from EAT24

SAN BRUNO, Calif., June 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The EAT24 app the smartest way to order delivery and takeout in America, has just announced it's testing a one of a kind discovery tool, designed to find the best local dishes catered around personal tastes and preferences. Using a crowdsourced algorithm that filters through millions of dishes plus users' past orders and reviews, "What's Good" makes smart suggestions of new things to try from EAT24's growing network of 1500 cities.

"What's Good" is an advanced weighted formula based on EAT24's most ordered items, chef recommended dishes, popular favorites, local tips and user reviews, presenting the best parts of the menu for you. "It's like going to a restaurant and asking, 'So what's good here?'" says Nadav Sharon, co-founder of EAT24. Once users tap "What's Good", a collection of swipeable dishes appear. Users continue through the selected items, until they find something that matches what they're craving. "It's a lot like Tinder, except everyone is a burrito," says Nadav.

Developed as a learning algorithm, "What's Good" becomes smarter over time, providing unique personalized suggestions based on past orders, favorite menus and preferred cuisines. "We know when you're hungry, the struggle is real," says Nadav. "Rather than wasting time looking through hundreds of restaurants, "What's Good" can finally answer the million dollar question: What am I going to eat today?"

"What's Good" by EAT24 is available on EAT24's iOS app, but will be releasing on Android and other devices in the coming weeks.

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