Latest "It's Just Lunch" Survey Reveals That For Today's Single Professional, Personal Life Comes First

Only 2% Will Ever Cancel a Date for Work-Related Reasons

Jan 17, 2013, 10:00 ET from It's Just Lunch

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Although Jim and Pam may have the relationship you love to envy on the TV show The Office, chances are you're not looking to mimic their romance in your personal life.   A new dating survey from It's Just Lunch reveals that 70% of respondents prefer to date someone who works in a completely different industry.  It's Just Lunch received more than 4200 responses to its most recent online survey which sought to analyze how the dating trends of the busy professional have changed in recent years.

"The Professional Side of Dating" survey also revealed that 44% of the singles polled prefer post-work cocktails as an ideal first date over the more traditional "dinner and a movie," which surprisingly saw a mere 6% choose that once popular option.

It goes without saying that today's business professional may travel quite a bit, and for the majority of respondents, that's not such a big deal with 32% agreeing with the mindset that "I am busy myself, so if a partner is gone for a week at a time, I am okay with that!" However, when it came to gender differences, 23% of males polled prefer their partners to be more accessible while only 13% of females felt the need to date someone who did not travel.

Find a weekend when both parties are in town and hope to set up a rendezvous?  It's Just Lunch will tell you --don't plan on spending the evening talking about all things business, as only 4% of those polled said that "I love talking about business during dates and find it interesting." More than likely your date will be in agreement with the 47% majority, who agreed that "I think business discussion is interesting from time to time, but I prefer to discuss other things." 

So not many will choose to discuss business on a date, but will many choose to cancel a date because of business?  Not a chance!  Only 2% say that "I often cancel on dates for work related issues" with an overwhelming 41% of all respondents enthusiastically say "I always make time for dates!" "Work is a part of your life --not your entire life," states It's Just Lunch Spokesperson Irene LaCota. "And it seems most recognize that, and most are willing to close the laptop in exchange for the possibility of meeting a potential partner. After all, there will always be another email to respond to, but how many chances do you get to meet the love of your life?"

Other survey findings include:

  • When asked "would you date one of your company's clients or potential clients", 42% would consider it if the situation felt appropriate, but not in exchange for any business favors.  36% selected "No, I think that is unprofessional."
  • 46% don't mind dating someone who lives in "the next city over" but only 8% are willing to fly across the country to date someone.
  • 46% agreed with the statement "I am not a workaholic and refuse to date a workaholic."

SOURCE It's Just Lunch