Luxiar Introduces SaaS Backup Storage 'Fusion Drive"

Oct 07, 2010, 10:04 ET from Luxiar

TOKYO, Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Luxiar Co., Ltd. will introduce SaaS-type backup storage service "Fusion Drive" in December 2010. "Fusion Drive" is an integrated SaaS service combining "Fusion Drive for Log," "Fusion Drive Agent" and "Fusion Drive for File."

"Fusion Drive for Log" makes difference files of Windows security logs and other log data, which are erased otherwise, automatically transmitting them to a remote server and linking them to respective log files. The introduction of "Fusion Drive for Log" will make a major saving on labor costs required for log management and also help to strengthen internal control.

"Fusion Drive for File" automatically mirrors data stored in any designated shared holder. As a result, companies without a data center or individual departments can share data on the Internet. "Fusion Drive for File" can also be used as backup storage, increasing the availability of data.

With "Fusion Drive Agent," customers can use a web browser to easily search, review and download the stored data.

Customer advantages:

  • Low initial cost: There is no need to install a server dedicated for backup storage. It requires a small amount of investment to begin the service.
  • Low operation cost: Customers will be charged for the amount of data, making it unnecessary to make substantial investment.
  • Immediate availability: Once contracts are signed, customers can immediately start using the service after client tool installation and easy settings. Data transfers, made with the HTTPS protocol, require no special port and are secure.
  • Ease of use: A proprietary tool automatically collects and transfers data. Customers can use stored data with web-based application programs in an intuitive, stress-free operation.

"Fusion Drive" is offered at an affordable price for any customer interested in SaaS backup storage.