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NEW YORK, Dec. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Chinese Pharmaceutical Market 2010-2025

Our new report will show you how the Chinese pharma market will develop from 2010. You can identify where the greatest opportunities will lie. You can have our report today, staying ahead.

We provide forecasts for the main therapeutic areas in the Chinese prescription drug market, as well as giving coverage of OTC medicines. You will find revenues for generic and original-branded medicines from 2009 to 2025. Our report also discusses companies in the sector - domestic and foreign - assessing their prospects.

How will China's market restraints affect pharma growth? And which companies are best placed to harness the opportunities there? How will trends in disease and healthcare shape the industry and market from 2010 onwards?

We analyse strengths, weaknesses and revenue trends of the Chinese pharma sector. Our report shows you trends to watch out for. Novel and generic drug producers can benefit. Developments will occur for small-molecule agents and biotech drugs.

Our new report also covers China's healthcare policy - we discuss healthcare legislation and its potential effects on the industry and market. We also cover prospects for foreign investment in the Chinese pharma sector.

Our analyses show that the Chinese pharma market will still experience growth rates above those of any developed market over coming years. But where will its revenue growth be concentrated, and why? We show how you could benefit there, letting you assess China's potential now.

Analysis of the Chinese pharma sector to meet your needs

Our study harnesses primary and secondary research to meet your needs. We provide revenue forecasts, market share analyses, sector developments and other data. You can assess commercial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We include 35 tables and figures and two expert interviews (shown in the accompanying lists).

How you can benefit from Chinese Pharmaceutical Market 2010-2025

Our report gives you the following benefits in particular:

• You will receive hard data for the Chinese pharma sector, including our revenue predictions for 2010 to 2025

• You will discover revenue analyses for the overall Chinese market and its main components from 2009 to 2025, helping you to stay ahead

• You will discover revenue prospects for clinical trial outsourcing and active ingredient (API) manufacturing in China from 2009 to 2025

• You will assess leading organisations in China, discovering their activities and prospects

• You will view legislative, regulatory and economic drivers and restraints from 2010 onwards

• You will analyse opportunities for established companies and new market entrants

• You will receive expert views from our survey, including interview transcripts.

Our study gives you answers and trends - we aim to save you time and aid your decisions.

You can have this report today

Our new report can benefit everybody interested in China and the emerging Asian markets. We forecast commercial potential, discovering trends. Do you want to harness those opportunities? You can stay ahead by ordering our report now. Please let us know how we can help.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

1.1 China Pharmaceutical Market Review

1.2 Summary of Report Contents

1.3 Research and Analysis Methods

2. Chinese Pharmaceutical Market Overview

2.1 The Chinese Market Forecast 2010-2025

2.2 The Origins of China's Pharmaceutical Growth

2.3 Healthcare Reform

2.3.1 Healthy China 2020: Hopes and Challenges

2.4 Pricing Policies

2.4.1 Pricing Policies for Subsidised Drugs

2.5 Intellectual Property Protection in China

2.6 The Disease Burden in China

2.6.1 Cerebrovascular and Cardiovascular Conditions

2.6.2 COPD

2.6.3 Cancer

2.6.4 Diabetes

2.6.5 Other Diseases

3. Breakdown of the Chinese Market 2010-2025

3.1 The Chinese Pharmaceutical Market Generated over $60bn in 2009

3.2 The Chinese Market - How Much Growth Possible This Decade?

3.3 The Original-Branded Drug Market Will Grow Faster than the Generics Market?

3.4 OTC Drugs versus Prescription Drugs

3.5 Medical Devices and Other Sectors

3.6 China as a Pharmaceutical Hub

4. Prescription Pharmaceutical Market Forecasts 2010-2025

4.1 China: Prescription Market 2010-2025

4.2 Antibiotics and Anti-infectives Market 2010-2025

4.3 Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) 2010-2025

4.3.1 Western Medicine and TCM: Complementary or Competitors?

4.3.2 Forecast for TCM 2010-2025

4.4 Vasotherapeutics Market 2010-2025

4.4.1 Forecast for Vasotherapeutics Market 2010-2025

4.5 Solutions Market 2010-2025

4.5.1 Forecast for Solutions Market 2010-2025

4.6 Antiulcerants Market 2010-2025

4.6.1 Forecast for Antiulcerants Market 2010-2025

4.7 Immunostimulating Agents Market 2010-2025

4.7.1 Forecast for Immunostimulating Agents Market 2010-2025

4.8 Diabetes Treatments Market 2010-2025

4.8.1 Forecast for Diabetes Treatments Market 2010-2025

4.9 Vaccines Market 2010-2025

4.9.1 Forecast for Vaccines Market 2010-2025

5. The Chinese OTC Market 2010-2025

5.1 The OTC Market: Prospects for Revenue Growth

5.2 Drivers of the OTC Market

5.3 Leading Products and Companies in the Market

6. Other Areas of China's Pharmaceutical Sector

6.1 Clinical Trials

6.1.1 Advantages and Disadvantages of China as a Destination

6.1.2 Forecast for China's Clinical Trials Market 2010-2025.

6.2 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

6.2.1 Forecast for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) 2010-2025

7. Key Players in the Chinese Pharma Market

7.1 Bayer

7.2 AstraZeneca

7.3 Sanofi-Aventis

7.4 Pfizer

7.5 Roche

7.6 GlaxoSmithKline

7.7 Merck & Co.

7.8 Novo Nordisk: Producing Insulin in China

7.9 Selected Domestic Companies

7.10 Sinovac Biotech (Beijing Kexing Bioproducts)

7.11 WuXi AppTec

7.12 Mindray Medical International

7.13 China Nepstar Chain Drugstore

7.14 Hualan Biological Engineering (Hualan)

7.15 Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co.

7.16 Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Corporation/ Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company

7.17 China Sky One Medical

7.18 Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Holding Company

7.19 CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited (CSPC Pharma)

7.20 China Medical Technologies

7.21 China National Biotec Group (CNBG)

7.22 China National Pharmaceutical Corporation (Sinopharm)

8. The Chinese Pharma Market: SWOT Analysis

8.1 Strength in Size

8.2 Longstanding Structural Weaknesses

8.3 Opportunities in the Domestic Market and Abroad

8.4 Internal Threats

9. Expert Opinions

9.1 Interview with Jean-Francois Tremblay, Chemical & Engineering News

9.1.1 The Appeal of China to Big Pharma

9.1.2 The Human Resources of China's CROs

9.1.3 Other Logistical Requirements of China's CROs

9.1.4 CROs and Drug Approval Rates

9.1.5 China's Domestic R&D

9.1.6 The Importance of China's Returnees

9.2 Interview with an Anonymous Expert on the Chinese Pharma Sector

9.2.1 The Potential of the Chinese Market

9.2.2 The Importance of Generics

9.2.3 The Outsourcing of Pharma Operations

9.2.4 The IP Issue

9.2.5 China's API Export Market

10. Conclusions

10.1 China's Market Potential from 2010

10.2 The Fastest-Growing Sector

10.3 China Will Become an Increasingly-Important Pharmaceutical Hub

10.4 China Faces Challenges, But Will Become a Dominant Pharma Market

List of Tables

Table 2.1 The Chinese Pharmaceutical Market: Revenues ($bn), Growth (%), CAGR (%), 2009-2025

Table 3.1 The Chinese Pharmaceutical Market by Sector: Revenues ($bn), Growth (%), CAGR (%), 2009-2025

Table 3.2 Medical Equipment Market: Revenues ($bn), Growth (%), CAGR (%), 2009-2025

Table 4.1 Prescription Drug Market: Revenues ($bn), Growth (%), CAGR (%), 2009-2025

Table 4.2 Antibiotics Market: Revenues ($bn), Growth (%), CAGR (%), 2009-2025

Table 4.3 TCM Market: Revenues ($bn), Growth (%), CAGR (%), 2009-2025

Table 4.4 Vasotherapeutics: Revenues ($bn), Growth (%), CAGR (%), 2009-2025

Table 4.5 Solutions: Revenues ($bn), Growth (%), CAGR (%), 2009-2025

Table 4.6 Antiulcerants: Revenues ($bn), Growth (%), CAGR (%), 2009-2025

Table 4.7 Immunostimulating Agents: Revenues ($bn), Growth (%), CAGR (%), 2009-2025

Table 4.8 Diabetes Treatments: Revenues ($bn), Growth (%), CAGR (%), 2009-2025

Table 4.9 Vaccines: Revenues ($bn), Growth (%), CAGR (%), 2009-2025

Table 5.1 OTC Market: Revenues ($bn), Growth (%), CAGR (%), 2009-2025

Table 6.1 Clinical Trials Market: Revenues ($bn), Growth (%), CAGR (%), 2009-2025

Table 6.2 API Export Market: Revenues ($bn), Growth (%), CAGR (%), 2009-2025

Table 7.1 SWOT Analysis of the Chinese Pharma Market, 2010

List of Figures

Figure 2.1 The Chinese Pharmaceutical Market: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Figure 3.1 Sectors of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Market: Revenues ($bn), 2009

Figure 3.2 Sectors of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Market: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Figure 3.3 Branded and Generic Sectors: Revenues ($bn), 2009

Figure 3.4 Branded and Generic Drugs: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Figure 3.5 Branded and Generic Drugs: Market Shares (%), 2009-2025

Figure 3.6 Medical Equipment Market: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Figure 4.1 Prescription Drugs: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Figure 4.2 Antibiotics: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Figure 4.3 TCM: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Figure 4.4 Vasotherapeutics: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Figure 4.5 Solutions: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Figure 4.6 Antiulcerants: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Figure 4.7 Immunostimulating Agents: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Figure 4.8 Diabetes Treatments: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Figure 4.9 Vaccines: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Figure 5.1 OTC Market: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Figure 6.1 Clinical Trials Market: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Figure 6.2 API Export Market: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2025

Companies Listed

Abbott Laboratories


Alliance Boots

American California Pharmaceutical Group

American Heart Association

Anhui BBCA Biochemical


AppTec Laboratory Services

Asahi Chemical

ASKA Pharmaceutical


Baxter International

Bayer Schering Pharma

Beijing Bio-Ekon Biotechnology Co.

Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area

Beijing GP Medical Technologies

Beijing Yuande Bio-Medical Engineering Co.

BGI (formerly Beijing Genomics Institute)

Bio-Bridge Science


BMJ (British Medical Journal)

BMP China

BMP Sunstone Corporation

Bracco Group

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Charles River Laboratories


Chengdu Institute of Biological Products

China Academy of Science

China Chain Stores and Franchise Association (CCSFA)

China Council for International Investment Promotion (CCIIP)

China Medical Technologies

China National Biotec Group (CNBG)

China National Corporation of Medicines

China National Group Corporation of Traditional & Herbal Medicine

China National Immunization Program

China National Medical Equipment Industry Corporation

China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation

China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (Sinopharm)

China National Pharmaceutical Industry Corporation

China Nepstar Chain Drugstore (Nepstar)

China Ostuka Pharmaceutical Co.

China Pharma Holdings

China Pharmaceutical Advertising Company

China Pharmaceutical Exhibition Corporation

China Pharmaceutical Group Co. (China Pharma)

China Securities Regulatory Commission

China Sky One Medical

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chinese Diabetes Society

Claris Lifesciences

CMED Technologies

CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited (CSPC Pharma)

Egret Pharma (Shanghai)

Eli Lilly and Company

Enhance BioMedical Holdings (Shanghai)

Enhance Holding Corp

European Medicines Agency (EMA/EMEA)

Food and Drug Administration (US FDA)

Gedeon Richter


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Goldman Sachs

Guangzhou Medical University

Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company

Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical Co.

Harbin First Bio-Engineering Company

Harbin Medical University

Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co.

Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Holding Company

Harbin Tian Di Ren Medical Science and Technology Company

HB Minkang


HD Biosciences

Hebei Pharmaceutical Group

Heilongjiang Haina Pharmaceutical

Heilongjiang Tianlong Pharmaceutical

HN Tongyongsany ANG

Hualan Biological Engineering

Hutchison MediPharma

Il Yang

International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations (IFPMA)

Jilin University

Johnson & Johnson (J&J)



LN. JZ Aohong


Merck & Co.

Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Mindray Medical International

Ministry of Health (China)

National Center for Drug Screening (NCDS)

National Food and Drug Administration

National Medicine Administration

National Reform and Development Commission (NRDC)



New England Journal of Medicine

New York Stock Exchange

North East Agricultural University

Northeast General Pharmaceutical



Novo Nordisk

Nycomed Pharma


Path Pharma

Peking University

Peng Lai Jin Chuang Pharmaceutical Company


Psyma Business Research China

Qingdao Huazhong Pharmaceutical Co.

R&D-based Pharmaceutical Association Committee (RDPAC)



Sanjing Pharmaceutical Co.

Sanofi Pasteur


Schwabe Pharmaceuticals

Shang Pharm

Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce

Shanghai Hengrui Pharmaceuticals Co.

Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration

Shanghai Stock Exchange

Shenyang Sunshine Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Sunshine)

Shenzhen Neptunus Interlong Bio-Technique Co.

Shijiazhuang No. 4

Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group

Sichuan Industrial Institute of Antibiotics

Sino-American Shanghai Squibb Pharmaceutical

Sinopharm Medicine Holding Co.

Sinopharm United Engineering Company

Sino-Swed Pharmaceutical Corp.

Sinovac Biotech (Beijing Kexing Bioproducts)

Special Program for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (WHO-affiliated)

State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA)

State Industrial Property Office (SIPO)

State Key Lab of Respiratory Disease

Sucampo Pharmaceuticals

Sundia Meditech

Sunstone Pharmaceuticals Co.

Suzhou Erye Pharmaceuticals Company

Suzhou Capsule Co.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MOLSS)

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co.

Tsinghua University

Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (Tufts CSDD)

United Pharmatech

Weisheng Pharmaceutical (Shijiazhuang) Co.

Working Group on Obesity in China

World Bank

World Health Organization (WHO)

World Trade Organization (WTO)

WuXi AppTec

WuXi PharmaTech

Xian-Janseen Pharmaceutical

Yuhan Corporation

Zhangjiang Group

Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park

Zhejiang Medicine



Zhongrun Neimeng

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