"The Patent '813 Story, Part II" Gets Personal as '813 Patent Inventor Seeks Personal Bankruptcy from former Counsel Who Responds, "You can go on-line and look for a 'Bankruptcy Attorney'"

-- Lucerne Biosciences Calling For Permanent Disbarment of Attorney Joe Lucci with Heavy Sanctions Against Baker Hostetler

-- New York Times and Wall Street Journal Provided Internet Protocol Evidence for Conflict of Interest on Reporting a Story that Could Impair Domain Function; First Amendment Constitutional Implications Cited

Jan 28, 2016, 05:00 ET from Lucerne Biosciences, LLC

WILMINGTON, Del., Jan. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Lucerne Biosciences, LLC, in its communication systems role for supporting a unique first of its kind "self-referential, real-time experiential narrative" called "The Patent '813 Story, Part II," announced today that the story is getting very personal and increasingly dramatic.   Following the company's last press release on January 20, 2016 when it announced informing the Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) of its high 40-75% misrepresentation rate along with providing it the findings of a "sourcing investigation" related to its representational misconduct, the "electronically communicated drama" has been on the rise.  Yesterday morning at 8:13 am EST, '813 Patent Inventor and company Manager Louis Sanfilippo emailed attorney William Colwell of Parrett, Porto, Parese & Colwell, P.C. in his personal capacity requesting Colwell's "immediate assistance to initiate filing for personal bankruptcy," a sign that Shire's anti-competitive efforts leading to the successful invalidation of U.S. Patent 8, 318,813 for the treatment of Binge Eating Disorder (with lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) was bringing its inventor to personal misfortune, even imminent financial crisis.   CC'd on the correspondence was the story's "main cast of characters," including Shire CEO Dr. Flemming Ornskov and Ed Haug of Frommer, Lawrence & Haug, the law firm that led the successful patent invalidation effort in the same year, 2015, that Shire received FDA approval for the use of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate (Vyvanse®) that would have been encompassed by the patent's claims.  Representatives of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Law360 have been serving as witnesses to the electronically-mediated high drama.

Yesterday's 8:13 am EST personal communication from Sanfilippo, using a gmail.com address, to Colwell also informed Colwell that he was identified in Lucerne Biosciences' "sourcing investigation" at least 181 times.  The communication added,  "The reason you come up so frequently is that you are the first conclusively identified proponent of this anti-competitive and deceptive trade practice platform based on 'representational exploitation,'" a platform the company identified as supporting Shire's Inter Partes Review that led to the invalidation of the '813 Patent.  Remarkably, however, Sanfilippo encouraged Colwell to personally represent him in a personal bankruptcy, stating, "Nonetheless, I  -- personally -- and several collaborators involved in this matter (including a shared special counsel) are in unanimous agreement that there would be no conflict of interest for you or your law firm to assist me in a personal bankruptcy.   The reason is that your 'foundational deception' of me back in December 2002, as supported by extensive representational profiling so that any reasonable person would see it as very obvious, was very obviously based on 'making everything personal.'"  Colwell responded that he does not handle personal bankruptcy. 

The exchange between Sanfilippo and Colwell continued throughout the day yesterday, with Colwell seeking to communicate outside the story's "main cast of characters" and "journalism team."  When Sanfilippo followed-up to request the name of a "specific person" at the firm while bringing the "main cast" and "journalism team" back into the electronic communication loop, Colwell again dropped them and responded, "You can go on- line and look for a "Bankruptcy Attorney."  The dramatic communication exchange also included Sanfilippo providing Colwell a passage from Lucerne Biosciences' 1645-page, 4000-reference "sourcing investigation" highlighting the specific nature of Colwell's "representational exploitation" to see if Colwell would comment.  Colwell accepted the invitation.  But Sanfilippo provided a semantic analysis of Colwell's response that explained how Colwell was utilizing "cognitive distraction," a technique used to evade "deception detection."  Colwell was so informed by Sanfilippo in the communication that his behavior was being actively profiled through the communication sequence,"… in the spirit of transparency, please know that these communications between you [Colwell] and I [Sanfilippo] -- and the cc'd parties (re-included here from your response that dropped them)  -- are being used for 'real-time profiling purposes.'    This is to say that how you respond to them (or not) is part of a 'profiling narrative' designed to help any reasonable reader understand what is taking place in the 'real-time experiential-narrative story.'"  

The drama in 'The Patent '813 Story, Part II' reached new heights earlier in the week.  On Monday January 25, 2016, Lucerne Biosciences informed the story's "main cast" and "journalism team" of its investigation into attorney Joe Lucci of Baker Hostetler, LLP, stating,  "The company's position is that the degree of self-evident willfulness in this fiduciary breach to exploit a position of trust should qualify Mr. Lucci for permanent disbarment with severe disciplinary action against him and Baker Hostetler."  The drama continued into the following day when Lucerne Biosciences provided the same group electronic evidence supporting a "conflict of interest" for The New York Times and Wall Street Journal because their respective domains, nytimes.com and wsj.com, feature Internet Protocol routing supported by entities featured in the company's "sourcing investigation."  Therefore, reporting on "The Patent '813 Story, Part II" or even the "sourcing investigation" conducted by the company "could impair each respective organization's ability to make money through their respective corporate arms."   The January 26, 2016 Lucerne Biosciences email added, " The company's position is that there are serious and unprecedented implications for this conflict of interest, not the least of which are Constitutional in nature, specifically in terms of the First Amendment and 'free press.'" 

There were additional surprises yesterday with more "electronic profiling" to tell the story.   For example, Ian Green -- a person never seen before in the story -- was invited to "provide any information whatsoever that will serve posterity by helping the story get to the truth of the matter," including providing it "anonymously under a different email."   Green was identified to be communicating to Sanfilippo at his outdated yale.edu email address under suspicious circumstances and through a domain having a suspicious registration pattern based on Lucerne Biosciences' sourcing investigation and real-time electronic profiling of communications being made to emails connected to Sanfilippo.  Green was contacted by Lucerne Biosciences directly based on the company's stepped up communications interventions to bring the story to its "final resolution," even providing Green a brief relevancy analysis of the domain healthcarefax.net from which he sent his emails.  Following its presentation and a series of questions, Lucerne Biosciences told Green, "The company looks forward to hearing back from you so that you can stand on the 'right side of history' in the American public interest."

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