ThermoActive™ Extender Straps Add 10" in Circumference to Fit Larger Patients and Reduces Inventory Requirements

Oct 26, 2010, 09:00 ET from PolyGel


WHIPPANY, N.J., Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- PolyGel® is proud to announce that they have added extender straps to their ThermoActive™ Cold & Hot Mobile Compression Therapy Supports.



ThermoActive™ has the ability to provide either cold or hot therapy in conjunction with compression through the use of a hand held pump.  Sometimes, for larger patients, the straps on the support need to be longer.  We have now created extension straps that are Velcro® compatible and can be added to the ThermoActive™ supports within a matter of seconds.

The extender straps can be used on any of our ThermoActive™ supports to achieve the following:

  1. Add up to 10" in circumference to the support.
  2. Make more precise adjustments for patients with edema (either post-surgical or post injury).
  3. Add additional gel packs for global (360 degree cold / hot compression).
  4. Attach 2 supports for greater coverage + selective pressures.

A pair of extender straps will be included with every support at no extra charge. In addition to better fittings, the extender straps allows the professional to only have to stock 1 size of the support.

For further information on ThermoActive™ and the new extension straps, please contact  PolyGel® at 866-438-2297 or via e-mail at  or visit our websites at or

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