"Wow Factor" -- ZOS Communications Wins First Place, CTIA Emerging Technology Awards for "Mobile Marketing & Advertising's Best Enterprise & Vertical Market Solution"

The ZOS Mobile Marketing Console Provides World's First Location Management Platform that Works on All Smart Phone Operating Systems, with Pinpoint Accuracy

Mar 29, 2011, 06:00 ET from ZOS Communications

ORLANDO, Fla., March 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- International CTIA WIRELESS 2011® announces that ZOS Communications wins first place for the best "Enterprise & Vertical Market Solution in the Mobile Marketing & Advertising Category". ZOS Communications' groundbreaking Mobile Marketing Console solves a 10 year old mystery in the Location Based Marketing industry--how to create a platform that works on all smart phone operating systems and with pinpoint location accuracy.

"Wow Factor"—NBC technology reporter and host of the awards, Jon Fortt, said the media and industry analysts judged winners based on "innovation, functionality, technological importance, implementation and overall 'wow' factor. "The Location Based Industry is at a tipping point," says ZOS CEO, Jon Ziskind. "We offer a complete solution to delivering real time, relevant content that is based on hyper location, time, proximity and speed—and from a cloud based platform that works across all operating systems and carriers."

What Makes the ZOS Mobile Marketing Console Unique:

  • Endless Geofencing Options—As big as a country or small as ten feet.
  • Determines hyper accurate location across all carriers and operating systems using "over-the top" hybrid location solution.
  • Open application programming interfaces (API's) allow developers endless capabilities to build enhanced applications and services.
  • Location triggers information automatically and directs to smart phone.
  • Reduces carrier costs to garner location by off- loading service to the ZOS cloud solution.
  • Unprecedented accuracy of location, velocity, time and proximity, across all operating system platforms.
  • Many User Applications -- Brand, Marketing/Advertising, Enterprise, Retailers, Government, Emergency Services and more.
  • Web Tool for Data Collection delivered direct to client.

The Future of Mobile Marketing--The ZOS Mobile Marketing Console allows you to create geo-targeted campaigns via an easy to use web console and interface. After creating your marketing "event" you can: schedule the start of the campaign, select a location or geo-fenced area, and initiate the triggers that deliver content. A variety of content formats including imagery, attachments and hyperlinks are delivered into a ZOS enabled mobile application. The ZOS Mobile Marketing Console sharpens your targeted message with the ability to:

  • Easily manage data base of devices, events and landmarks.
  • Create and edit groups to improve target marketing campaigns.
  • Build and manage events and event details, such as schedule and status.
  • Create and manage a message or campaign library.
  • Trigger events based on velocity, proximity to other devices or the movement in and out of geo-fences.
  • Deliver many content formats including images, attachments, media and HTML with hyperlinks.
  • Deliver marketing message via SMS, email, and the ZOS zhiing application.
  • Quick and easy initiation and implementation of geo contextual marketing.
  • Differentiate campaigns with a mobile presence and relevant messaging.
  • Deliver the right message and content to the right people in the right place.
  • Deliver specific content to specific devices or target audiences and across mobile device platforms and service providers.

See the ZOS Mobile Marketing Video at: www.zoscomm.com/videos/mobilemarketingconsole

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Jon Ziskind, ZOS Chief Executive Officer | 805.453.0156 | JZiskind(at)zoscomm(dot)com
Shirley Hancock | 503.781.4234 | shirley(dot)hancock(at)comcast(dot)net

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About ZOS Communications: ZOS Communications, a Location Management Company, is the developer of the complete end-to-end geospatial platform with "Over-the-Top" capabilities. The ZOS Mobile Marketing Console Platform (zMMC) allows consumers to receive live, relevant, location-based marketing/communications across all carriers and operating systems. ZOS Communications works with enterprise mobility, marketing agencies, carriers, mobile device manufactures and mobile developers to enable LBS technology initiatives across many vertical markets and organizations.

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