01 Communique enters the online meeting market with the availability of a free Beta version of I'm InTouch Meeting

Jun 08, 2010, 08:00 ET from 01 Communique Laboratory Inc.

TORONTO, June 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - 01 Communique Laboratory Inc. (TSX: ONE - www.01com.com) today previewed a new online meeting service, I'm InTouch Meeting, and announced the immediate availability of a Beta release of the service - Free of Charge.

I'm InTouch Meeting is a secure web-based service, built on 01's patented technology, that enables businesses of any size to easily conduct online meetings by inviting up to 15 attendees to join the meeting using their desktop PC's. The service supports Windows-based operating systems (XP, Vista and Windows 7), has text and audio chat, whiteboard capabilities, ability to assign the mouse or keyboard to anyone attending the meeting and allows users to schedule multiple meetings.

"Our objective when designing I'm InTouch Meeting was to provide a cost effective, extremely secure and easy-to-use online meeting service that would provide all the key meeting features our customers have been asking for," said Andrew Cheung, President and CEO for 01 Communique. "I'm InTouch Meeting meets our objective by incorporating our patented technology ensuring a secure communication session is established. Building on expertise gained from our I'm InTouch suite of remote access services, we incorporated a highly intuitive user interface and extremely simple installation process. We also introduced a sharable license model at a very attractive price which makes hosting online meetings even more practical and economical."

I'm InTouch Meeting Standout Features

I'm InTouch Meeting separates itself from others on the market today with its -

    1.  Concurrent or shareable licensing - Our Shareable License Model means
        your employees can share your organization's I'm InTouch Meeting
        licenses. Unlike other online meeting products that require you to
        subscribe to 1 license for each employee that will be hosting online
        meetings, with I'm InTouch Meeting you only need to subscribe to the
        number of licenses that will ever be used at the same time. If your
        company has 50 employees who will be conducting online meetings, but
        only 10 meetings will ever be held at the same time, you only need to
        subscribe to 10 licenses. Plus, each employee can still have his/her
        own unique user name and password allowing administrators to
        accurately track individual usage and help ensure a higher level of

    2.  Security - Using our patented remote access technology we ensure that
        a secure communication session is established between all
        participants. In addition, we make use of multiple passwords and all
        data being transmitted is encrypted using industry standard 256-bit
        SSL encryption.

    3.  Intuitive User Interface - Our easy to understand control panel makes
        conducting a meeting a breeze. You can start a meeting or join one in
        seconds with no training required.

    4.  Enhanced File Transfer - Instantly send a copy of your presentation
        or report during the meeting to all participants using I'm InTouch
        Meeting's File Transfer capability. Perfect for securely sending
        files too large for email.

    5.  Easy Remote Printing - Use our Remote Printing feature to let your
        meeting attendees print copies of documents from your desktop to
        their local printers. All you need to do is select the "I'm InTouch
        Meeting Printer" from your document's print dialog and your attendees
        will be prompted to print the document using their local printers.

Try I'm InTouch Meeting today by going to www.imintouchmeeting.com to sign up for the free beta. There is no charge nor is there an obligation to subscribe during the Beta period. As an added bonus, if you sign up for the I'm InTouch Meeting Beta release and then subscribe to the service once it is released, you will be guaranteed a 15% discount off our published price for the life of your subscription. Pricing following the Beta is $29.95 monthly per license with two months free if you commit to an annual subscription.

About 01 Communique

Established in 1992, 01 Communique is an innovative force in the development and delivery of remote access, online meeting, support products and integrated communications software. We develop and market a suite of remote access services designed for small-medium sized business, mobile professionals and IT service providers. Our software as a service offerings are deployed on-demand and include functionality enabling on-line meetings, remote computing and IT support. All offerings are developed using our patented remote access technology and marketed under our I'm InTouch (www.imintouch.com) or I'm OnCall (www.imoncall.com) brand.

01 Communique has built an extensive market for its solutions through the cultivation of solid distribution channels and marketing partnerships. For more information on its products, visit www.01com.com or call (905) 795-2888 or (800) 668-2185 (North America only).

SOURCE 01 Communique Laboratory Inc.