1-800-GET-THIN - The Lap-Band Helps a Man Lose 180 Pounds In One Year

"My weight loss has been an amazing journey," says Brian Martin. The Lap-Band may be the right answer for those who have failed with diet and exercise.

Sep 21, 2011, 14:18 ET from 1-800-GET-THIN.com

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --Brian Martin is 36 years old, and had been overweight ever since his days in high school. "After high school, I continued to gain more and more weight, since I was no longer on the wresting team, which helped a bit. By the time I finally had the Lap-Band procedure, I weighed in at 350 pounds," says Brian, who works at a beer brewery. "Within a year of having the Lap-Band done, I have lost 180 pounds. I can honestly say that the slogan used by 1-800-GET-THIN, 'Let Your New Life Begin' is as real as it gets. People barely recognize me now," he says.

"Before the Lap-Band, my weight fluctuated up and down like a seesaw," says Brian. "I did martial arts but lacked endurance. I suffered from the usual consequences of being overweight - I had sleep apnea, which caused me to awaken all through the night. I also had high cholesterol, combined with a family history of diabetes and heart disease. I was so heavy that I wouldn't go to the beach or the Colorado River, one of my favorite places. If I went in a swimming pool, I'd always wear a T-shirt to hide my body."

"Having my son was the strong catalyst I needed for change, and the reason I decided to have the Lap-Band. I didn't want to die early from the diseases that plagued my family. I want to be there for my son, to watch him become a man."

Brian says he had a great experience with 1-800-GET-THIN and his Lap-Band doctor. "1-800-GET-THIN provided me with the information I needed to make informed decisions about my options for weight loss. I'm constantly recommending 1-800-GET-Thin and giving out their number."

"So this is what my life is like now," says Brian. " I went from having a 56 inch waist to 36 inches. My shirt size is down to a Medium / Large, from a 3X. I love the feeling of being able to buy the brands of clothing that I like and not having to always try on clothes to know if they'll fit. I'm so motivated now that I'm hitting the gym six times a week. My training is much easier - I have more flexibility and much more energy and endurance. I have raised my good cholesterol levels and my sleep apnea has disappeared. Now I feel confident wearing swim trunks and I'm thinking of participating in a 5k run, which I never could have done before. This has been an amazing journey!"

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