10 Good Ways to Celebrate July 4th

Jun 28, 2010, 12:36 ET from InTuneWithAmerica.com

WASHINGTON, June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- In addition to fireworks and sparklers, Americans can  celebrate the Fourth of July by igniting a renewed interest in the important events that have shaped our country's history and heritage, according to former US Congressman George Nethercutt, Jr., author of In Tune With America: Our History in Song. Nethercutt offers the following ideas to mark this important national holiday:

1.   Set aside time to read the Declaration of Independence.

2.   Fifty-six men signed the Declaration -- pick one and learn about him.

3.   Memorize the second paragraph of the Declaration, starting with, "We hold these truths to be self-evident…"

4.   Sit down with your children or grandchildren, or any youngster, no matter their ages, and ask them to explain to you why our nation celebrates July 4.

5.   Mount an American Flag on the front of your home.

6.   Place an American Flag sticker on the side window of your car.

7.   Take 60 seconds and write down why you are thankful to be an American.

8.   Tell one military veteran thanks for serving our country.

9.   Actually sing out loud all four verses of "America the Beautiful" and appreciate the lyrics and music of one of our country's most patriotic songs, then listen to the Ray Charles version.

10. Read Chapter One of In Tune With America: Our History in Song.

Recognizing that more than half of all Americans fail the most fundamental surveys covering American history, government and economics, Nethercutt was determined to write In Tune With America to help educate, inspire and preserve American ideals.  The book features nearly 80 songs, including the popular Star Spangled Banner to the less-known lyrics of Tin Pin Alley, and calls attention to the trials and tribulations that have shaped the country's history and heritage.

"Whatever our station in life, each of us has an obligation to study and know the history of how and why the United States came to exist," says Nethercutt, who today runs a nonprofit, nonpartisan foundation established to foster an understanding of government and public policies in young adults. "Independence Day is a perfect day for Americans to reflect on the journey of our great nation."

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