10 Options for Personal Financial Planning Software

A guide to help consumers choose the best financial software package for their specific needs.

Jan 22, 2010, 12:01 ET from ChristianPF.com

ST. LOUIS, Jan. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Money-saving blog, ChristianPF.com released an article comparing 10 of the best options for personal financial planning software available today. The article looks into a variety of software options from those that have been around for decades like Quicken, to newer and lesser known software options like AceMoney.

An excerpt from the article...

I've had readers ask me about some of my favorite financial planning software options, so I decided to write a little bit about a few of them out there. I have used some of this software much more than others, and I am glad to share my thoughts about them, but since there are so many aspects to consider I suggest digging deeper into them before making a purchase.

There is a unique challenge that all these personal finance software companies face: satisfying the diverse needs of such a wide range of users. From what I have found some of the best products out there only have above-average reviews. My hunch is that the expectations of this type of software is often a little too high. I know it was in my case. I basically wanted to find some kind of financial planning software that would give me all the information I wanted, without any input on my end.

The software manufacturers have made huge steps forward over the last decade, but thinking that magical "Jetson's" type solution exists might lead you to disappointment. So just keep that in mind as you are test driving the software for the first time. Also, I should mention that the options listed below are only for software that runs on your computer. The reason for the distinction is that many users don't like the online options because of the safety concerns with having their financial data stored on a server somewhere...

The article continues by listing each of the 10 financial planning software alternatives with a description of each.

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