10 Rules Private Flyers Need to Know for 2013

Apr 10, 2013, 08:38 ET from Air Partner

NEW YORK, April 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In conjunction with their "Fly Without Limits" ad campaign in the Wall Street Journal, Air Partner, the world's leading jet charter service, is proud to release 10 Rules Private Flyers Need to Know for 2013. As private aviation recovers, first time and veteran flyers are faced with new options and challenges, when choosing the right charter partner.

Having drawn on over fifty years of charter experience, these rules empower private flyers with the knowledge to ask the right questions and avoid dangerous practices.

1. Trust Experience

There is no substitute. Private aviation is constantly reinventing itself, but the principles behind reliable service have never changed. When committing your time and money to jet charter, experience is the best indicator of a trustworthy provider.

2. Avoid the Bedroom Broker

The greatest threat to private flyers is the "bedroom broker", the inexperienced and unreliable provider, who uses stylized websites and publicity to create a false impression of size and capability. These brokers struggle with limited human and financial resources, making them the first to cut corners or apply hidden fees.

3. Ensure Financial Security

Private flyers must be wary of trusting their time and money to a company at risk. With so much at stake, get to know your provider, by insisting on examining the last 3 years of the provider's audited financials or annual reports, if the provider is publicly traded.

4. Understand Safety Standards

The private aviation industry has a strong commitment to safety. While providers maintain strict standards, some charter services allow their passengers to exceed these minimums and set their own requirements for pilot flight hours, liability insurance and aircraft age. Never be afraid to inquire about safety standards and develop a program that provides peace of mind.

5. Expect Complete Privacy

Trusting your travel to a charter firm means entrusting you and your company's confidential information, as well. Look for firms with experience handling large corporate accounts or confidential itineraries. These groups will have the experience needed to protect your vital information.

6. Insist on a Flexible Contract

There is no point in paying for the freedom of private aviation when providers limit you with blackout dates, non-refundable, expiring flight credit and long-term contracts. Build your contract on your own terms, by insisting on flexibility and an array of options to fit your changing needs.

7. Demand Upfront Pricing

Unlisted fees, including charges for aircraft de-icing, ramp fees and air traffic delays have forced private passengers to pay far beyond their expected or quoted price. Veteran flyers insist on guaranteed, upfront pricing, on any aircraft, at any time, before they fly.

8. Choose the Right Aircraft

Companies that employ their own fleets are primarily motivated to maximize the flying time on their aircraft. This means they will often point you towards aircraft, which suit their strategy, rather than your needs. By contrast, charter brokers choose from a much wider selection and can often help you find the most suitable and cost-effective aircraft for the mission.

9. Avoid Gray Market Charters

Gray market charters occur when disreputable providers transfer their passengers to unlicensed or illegal aircraft in order to reduce costs for cash-strapped brokerages. Passengers can be held liable for these unacceptable practices, making it imperative to work with dependable operators, who avoid these infractions.

10. Work with a Trusted Advisor

While size and capability are crucial to ensuring the best experience, some larger firms forget that a personal advisor is the most valuable asset a provider can offer. Choose a firm that maintains dedicated agents, rather than a call center. Agents provide 24/7 support and remember preferences, ensuring a continued relationship, beyond the first flight.

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