121doc UK Online Clinic: A New Model for Health

Aug 17, 2012, 13:22 ET from Top Care Ltd

LONDON, August 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Since its creation in 2004, specialist on-line clinic 121doc UK has proven itself as a reference in its field. It offers its patients advice and a complete range of treatments, allowing them to find solutions for obesity, impotence, premature ejaculation or even baldness. The clinic can also help patients to prevent malaria, asthma and high cholesterol.

Professional Health Care

121doc UK's most important work is the evaluation of patients' state of health; this is why 121doc always advises its patients to consult their GP before using their website. It is, however, sometimes difficult to talk about certain intimate or personal problems in a face-to-face consultation, and the role of the on-line clinic is to help patients talk more freely about embarrassing symptoms.

With health as its first priority, 121doc UK collaborates with a chemist and two doctors who are independent and well-referenced in Europe. Patients must complete a detailed and precise medical form before each order; the questionnaire is clear and designed to be exhaustive. A prescription can be issued by one of our doctors upon request.

The chemist used by 121doc UK is in Europe and its contact details are available on the website. All activity is completely transparent, and we consider traceability to be a fundamental part of the medical industry, particularly in the context of the relationship between an on-line clinic and a patient. Any patient looking for the best possible impotence treatment will only feel safe to order medicinal products if they are offered this context of honesty and trust.

Guaranteed Follow-Up

In 2011, around 3,000 patients registered with 121doc UK because they wanted to find a treatment corresponding to their needs, and more than 400 patients visit the website every single day.

Once an order has been validated by the doctors, the package is sent quickly, discreetly and securely thanks to a high quality UPS service ensuring delivery within 48 hours. The simple pricing is designed to help clients when they order, as the advertised price includes all of the services provided. The Patient Service team can be contacted every day and registered users' data remains strictly confidential.

Approximately forty treatments are currently available at 121doc UK, although many others will be launched in the near future. All medication is original, authentic and carries a serial number. These medications are only available with a medical prescription. They are never dispatched if there is any doubt about a patient's state of health. Viagra, Xenical, Cialis, Ventolin and Tamiflu can all be ordered. All these products come with a detailed description and are produced by the most highly-reputed and recognised laboratories. A wide range of oral contraceptives, such as Jasmine and Cerazette contraceptive pills, are also offered.

Customer Loyalty

As ever guided by the patient's state of health, 121doc UK remains at the disposition of its users before, during and after any orders to answer any questions they may have. The user-friendly ordering, medical follow-up and the traceability of the medication have succeeded in fostering customer loyalty and satisfying the needs of an ever-growing number of patients.

121doc has recently completely redesigned its web site, with the aim of improving product visibility and offering services adapted to all its patients, whether they are existing or new users. New treatments will soon appear on the website as our goal is to create a complete range of treatments that will satisfy all needs.

The combination of transparency, simplicity and reliability, applied over the last eight years, has made 121doc UK an indispensable presence in the field of private on-line health providers. With its network of independent doctors and chemists, the reliability of its medical consultations and the quality of its secure orders, 121doc UK can offer extensive experience and expertise in this domain.

SOURCE Top Care Ltd