14-29 January 2011 - myfrenchfilmsfestival.com - 1st French Online Film Festival

Oct 22, 2010, 11:32 ET from Unifrance

PARIS, October 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- UniFrance in partnership with Allocine, with the support of the Centre National de la Cinematographie and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is organizing the first French online film festival open to Internet users around the world.

The objective is to take fully into account the evolution of cultural consumption and to reach a new audience for French cinema abroad.

UniFrance is launching, in partnership with Allocine, this new and unprecedented event to spotlight young French filmmakers.

myfrenchfilmsfestival.com will take place from 14 to 29 January 2011.

The selection comprises ten feature films (first and second films recently released in France) and ten short films, as well as a classic film.

The films will be available by Video On Demand (VOD), in original version and subtitled in several languages (German, English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, etc.).

Internet users will be able to vote for their favourite film.

Three prizes will be awarded at the end of the festival: a prize awarded by the public, another by foreign bloggers, the third by the international press.

The festival's website will be online in December and give free access to the trailers and to many exclusive online interviews.


    - Adieu Gary by Nassim Amaouche with Jean-Pierre Bacri

    In a working class city, abandoned by most of its population, some
    inhabitants stay in spite of everything because they were born and grew
    up there: Francis, Samir and Sarah (who believes that Gary Cooper is her
    father and is waiting for him).

    - Bus Palladium. by Christopher Thompson with Marc-Andre Grondin.

    A rock'n roll band, a group of friends who have met with success, and a
    girl who will disrupt it all.

    - Complices by Frederic Mermoud with Gilbert Melki and Emmanuelle Devos

    Two police detectives are investigating the disappearance of a teenage
    couple and find themselves confronted with the problems in their own

    - Espion(s) by Nicolas Saada with Guillaume Canet and Geraldine Pailhas

    A young baggage handler is hired as spy by the French
    counter-intelligence agency after being involved in spite of himself
    in an affair involving the explosion of a diplomatic pouch in an airport.

    - La Famille Wolberg by Axelle Ropert with Francois Damiens

    Simon Wolberg is the mayor of a small provincial town, loving husband,
    overbearing father and provocative son. The film recounts the escapades
    of this man obsessed with his family.

    - L'Autre by Patrick Mario Bernard and Pierre Tridivic with Dominique

    Anne-Marie leaves Alex when she realizes they no longer have the same
    aspirations: he wants to settle down, she wants to keep her freedom. But
    when Alex finds a new mistress, Anne-Marie becomes crazy with jealousy.

    - Le Bal des actrices by Maiwenn with Karin Viard and Charlotte Rampling

    A director is shooting a documentary film on actresses. She shows all
    their personalities: manipulative, fragile, lying, moving, etc. But she
    quickly gets involved in their little games, for better or worse.

    - Qu'un seul tienne et les autres suivront by Lea Fehner with Pauline
    Etienne and Reda Kateb

    Three people are brought together by chance in a prison visiting room:
    Stephane who was just offered the deal of his life, Zorah who is trying
    to deal with her son's death, and Laure, who has fallen in love for the
    first time with a convict.

    - Tete de Turc by Pascal Elbe with Roschdy Zem and Ronit Elkabetz

    A teenager of 14, an emergency doctor, a cop looking for revenge, a
    mother fighting for her family, a man crushed by his wife's death see
    their destinies linked after an accident.

    - Tout ce qui brille by Geraldine Nakache and Herve Mimran with Leila

    Ely and Lila are childhood friends living in the Paris suburbs. They
    dream of entering a world they don't belong to, where everything seems to
    shine like gold.

    Classic film not in competition:

    - French Cancan by Jean Renoir (1955) with Jean Gabin


    - Babel by Hendrick Dusollier

    - Cabosses by Louise Premonville

    - Chienne d'histoire by Serge Avedikian

    - C'est gratuit pour les filles by Claire Burger and Marie Amachoukeli

    - ¿Donde esta Kim Basinger? by Edouard Deluc

    - En attendant que la pluie cesse by Charlotte Joulia

    - L'Homme a la Gordini by Jean-Christophe Lie

    - Memoire d'une jeune fille derangee by Keren Marciano

    - Petit dragon by Bruno Collet

    - Une pute et un poussin by Clement Michel

Since 1949, the UniFrance organization has promoted French cinema around the world. It conducts studies to provide French film professionals with a wide range of information concerning the international film market. It also organizes events and festivals to facilitate the exposure of French cinema to new audiences. Lastly, it supports the distribution of French films abroad.

Allocine is the most popular French website for information about cinema. Created in 2003, it provides quick access to a rich database concerning film releases, DVDs and film professionals (directors, actors, etc.)

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