$15 Million Greenhouse Food Project To Bring Over 100 Jobs To Central Florida

Sep 13, 2012, 10:34 ET from Gaballi, LLC

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Gaballi, LLC, a Florida based company, just initiated the sale of the largest greenhouse farm in Florida.  In order to control rising cost of food, Gaballi is planning to plant an assortment of healthy fruits and vegetables on the greenhouse property in Groveland, Florida which was recently purchased by OrganicaWorld, LLC.  The two sister companies will work together to streamline the farming process and cost of food from farm to table.  

This greenhouse project is the first of its kind.  Due to Gaballi's unique distribution structure, the public will be able to buy all the goods grown in the greenhouses and the open acreage on the property, through their local churches and non-profit organizations for a fraction of the retail price.  Customers can order online at www.gaballi.com  and have the food delivered to a host site in their community.   

OrganicaWorld, through its farming expertise and property management skills, will be able to oversee the entire farming process from seedling to harvest.  They also have plans in the works to build the largest IQF plant on the Groveland property in 2013 to quick freeze the fresh produce, as well as a canning plant.  This first stage of the 15 million dollar farming initiative is set to bring over 100 new jobs to Central Florida.  The next step for OrganicaWorld will be the acquisition and management of other agricultural properties, including large crop land and cattle farms.   

Gaballi strives to work with farmers direct, thus eliminating all the traditional middle men and food mark-ups.  This greenhouse project between Gaballi and OrganicaWorld will help fill in the void on products that can be grown direct for Gaballi upon request.  

Currently, there are over 450 locations in the United States that serve as Gaballi host sites to help distribute the food directly to the people.  You can locate a host site at http://www.gaballi.com/index.php/host-site-find-a-host/find-your-host-site.  Churches, schools, and non-profits organizations in all communities are urged to join.  Once there are enough orders in a given geographical area, Gaballi will commit to delivering to those communities. Their goal is to spread across the United States, into every community, by the end of 2013.