2% Cash Back From a Debit Card?

Jun 18, 2010, 12:01 ET from ChristianPF.com

ST. LOUIS, June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Personal Finance Blog, ChristianPF.com released an article that looks at a new offer from Perkstreet Financial - a new bank offering some of the best debit card cash-back rewards available today. It can be difficult to find a credit card that is offer 2% cash back on purchases, much less a debit card that gives rewards like that. The 2% promotion is available to new Perkstreet customers and lasts for the first 6 months of the account opening after which the customer will receive 1% cash back on purchases.

An excerpt from the article...

I heard about the Perkstreet Financial Cash-Back debit card a couple months ago and it seemed like a pretty good deal when they were offering 1% cash back on all purchases. But, I just found out they are running a promotion that gives 2% cash back for new customers for the first 6 months. So, since I don’t use credit cards, I am always missing out on the best credit card rewards programs. So having a debit card that offers rewards is something that gets my attention.

Once you are ready to cash out your rewards, Perkstreet allows you to use those rewards to get a Best Buy, Amazon.com, Target, or *Visa gift card* – the Visa option, obviously being the true cash back reward.

Here are a few of the answers to the questions I had

  • They do not have physical branches
  • Similar to ING Direct, to make a deposit you have to transfer the $ from another account or set up direct deposit.
  • They do offer checkbooks (and the first one is free)
  • They have live phone service 24/7
  • Free online banking and bill pay

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