2010 International Environment-Energy Industry Exhibition Opens this September 1st at Busan, BEXCO

Aug 30, 2010, 20:20 ET from ENTECH

BUSAN, South Korea, Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- 2010 International environment-energy industry exhibition opens on this September 1st at BEXCO, Busan, under the title of 'the beautiful harmonious walk of environment and energy'.

ENTECH 2010, held together by BEXCO, Today Energy, and Small and Medium Business Corporation, looks into the growth potentials of the environment and energy sector, along with the developing situations of related industries, providing a place for information exchanges and international business work.

This exhibition is to display the environment-atmospheric sector such as the atmosphere, toil, water, environment recovery, reducing CO2 sector, and the industry-household energy sector, such as the new renewable energy, energy reducing, developing instruments, etc.

At the fourth holding of this exhibition, 200 corporations (460 booths) from 11 countries including Korea such as Australia Japan, Canada, China, Germany, Spain, Italia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Malaysia, is expected to participate in the new renewable energy industry sector under the purpose of promoting green growth and alleviating global warming.

In this exhibition, the number of participating green industry corporations from Busan have greatly increased. It has increased 35% from last year's 40 to this year's 54. In particular, Energynatura will be participating in the exhibition as well, which is a company 100% made out of contributions of medium sized corporations such as Taewoong, DongHwa Entec, and Korea ABM constructions; the leaders of green industry in the Busan district; and local environment party members.

Schools and other related institutions will be participating in the exhibition as well, such as the Korea Maritime University, Busan Energy Science Highschool, and the Kthi heavy industry, Dnde, Busan fashion color industry, etc. They will be introducing their research works and innovative technologies accumulated until today.

This exhibition is to introduce the newest trends of environment-energy industry, and provide opportunity for business exchanges between corporations and countries. In particular, it provides real support for medium sized companies to find their markets, by conciliating the attracting of foreign buyers and counseling corporations on this matter. KOTRA and BEXCO will invite 190 foreign buyers of 160 corporations from 15 countries and hold an export skull session on the 1st of next month.

During the exhibition period, there will also be "an industry tour of the Busan region" held by Busan City such as visiting the Kori Nuclear Power Plant of the Ki Jang district, and many seminars as well, hosted by many institutions such as the Ministry of Environment.

Lastly, following the 32nd IPCC general assembly, the 2012 IWA will be held in Busan as well. General manager of the Green Environment bureau of Busan City, Young Hwan Kim asserted that "Busan City will acquire a growth source for the next generation through this exhibition by promoting regional companies of the environment-energy sector, and build a firm base to grow up as a global exhibition convention city".

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