2012 China New Medical Reform Policy Specific Analysis and the Influence on Medical Industry

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2012 China New Medical Reform Policy Specific Analysis and the Influence on Medical Industry


The report is concentrated on the implementation of China New Medical Reform Policy and its influence on China medicine industry. The report analyzes the forthcoming National Essential Medicine List 2012 and conducts a statistics work on provinces added list. Besides, it also had a specific analysis on marketing channel of China medicine enterprises under New Medical Reform Policy. Generally, the report can provide advantageous reference for insiders and help you understand comprehensively China's current health reform process.

1. China New Medical Reform Policy Specific Analysis1.1 Medical Reform History1.1.1 Reasons of the Past Fail Cases1.1.2 Basic Medical and Health System Mode of New Medical Reform Policy 1.1.3 Phasic Results of Three-year of Medical and Health Reform1.2 Primary Care and Public Health Solve "Treatment Difficulty" 1.2.1 Reasons of "Treatment Difficulty"1.2.2 Measures to Solve "Treatment Difficulty"1.3 Medical Insurance, Basic Medicines, and Public Hospitals Reform Solve "Treatment Expensiveness"1.3.1 Reasons of "Treatment Expensiveness"1.3.2 Measures to Solve "Treatment Expensiveness"1.4 New Medical Reform Policy Influence on Medical Enterprises 1.4.1 Opportunities and Challenges Brought by Medical Reform to Medical Enterprises1.4.2 Influence of Medical Reform on Foreign Investment and Joint Ventures' Market Share1.4.3 Organization of Medical and Health Reform in 20121.4.4 New Medical Reform Policy Shows Clearly the Future Direction of the Medical Reform1.5 Influence of Medical Reform on Foreign Owned, Joint Ventures and China State-owned Enterprises1.5.1 Influence on Foreign Owned Enterprises1.5.2 Influence on Joint Ventures1.5.3 Influence on China State-owned Enterprises1.6 Strategy Analysis of Joint Ventures Coping with New Medical Reform Policy1.6.1 Attach Importance to the Research and Development of Chinese Medicine and Patent Medicines1.6.2 Pay Attention to the Medicine Needs of the Rural and Community1.6.3 Adjust Strategy to Adapt to the Flat Channel1.7 Industrial Pattern of Medicine Enterprises1.7.1 Current Industrial Merger & Acquisition1.7.2 Industry Concentration Ratio Planning during the "Twelfth Five-Year" Period1.8 Forecast and Influence of Drug Code Adjustment in the Future1.8.1 Comprehensive Check of the Drug Approval Number after the Implementation of New Medical Reform Policy1.8.2 Drug Registration Approval Data Interpretation, 2008-20111.8.3 The "Twelfth Five-Year" Plan Required to Further Give Full Play to the Role of Drug Regulation

2. Medicine Marketing Channel Change under New Medical Reform

2.1 Marketing Channel of Medicine Enterprise

2.1.1 Main Marketing Channel of Different Medicine Categories

2.1.2 Original Marketing Channel

2.1.3 Development Trend of Marketing Channel

2.2 Influence of New Medical Reform Policy on Medicine Marketing

2.2.1 Expansion of Market Capacity and Surge of Generic Medicine Market

2.2.2 Change of Terminal Market and Rise of the Third Terminal

2.2.3 Much More Professional Marketing Mode

2.3 Influence of New Medical Reform Policy on Medicine Enterprises' Marketing Channel

2.3.1 Influence on Foreign Owned Enterprises

2.3.2 Influence on Joint Ventures

2.2.3 Influence on China Domestic Enterprises

2.4 Joint Ventures' Marketing Strategy under New Medical Reform

2.4.1 In Accordance With Polarization of Medicine Market

2.4.2 Enhance Marketing Activity with the Help of Commercial Channels

2.4.3 Improve the Quality of Employees via Professional Training

2.4.4 Organic Combination of Academic and public welfare

3. The Latest National Essential Medicine List and the Provinces Added List3.1 Interpretation of New Version of the National Essential Medicine List3.1.1 The Leadership of the Ministry of Health's Interpretation of New Version of the National Essential Medicine List3.1.2 Interpretation of Informal Version of National Essential Medicine List3.2 Provinces Added List

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