2012 European Fleet Managers' Willingness to Pay for FMS

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2012 European Fleet Managers' Willingness to Pay for FMS


Voice of the Customer Study

The overall objectives of this study are to investigate typical attitudes towards fleet telematics (fleet management system solutions), to understand the key feature and service expectations, to explore perceptions and willingness to pay for fleet telematics services, to examine vendor satisfaction and brand perceptions, and to look into vendor consideration and selection criteria. Data was collected in June and July 2012 by means of a panel-based survey in France, Germany, UK, Italy, and Benelux. A total of 155 decision makers or key influencers for fleet management solutions were surveyed and the findings showed that vehicle management and fleet security and control are currently the two most-used services.


Executive Summary—Typical Attitude Towards FMS

The familiarity with FMS is very high— % claim to be familiar: X% already have it in use and X% are testing it. But claiming familiarity does not necessarily result in a strong understanding of FMS benefits. Connectivity/FMS plays a minor role in decision-making when purchasing a vehicle. This clearly indicates low awareness/understanding of the benefits that FMS offers. Overall a positive attitude towards FMS can be observed—it is a "must-have" for % of the respondents. Attitude is more positive in large fleets as opposed to small fleets. In medium fleets, a higher percentage of respondents say that FMS is still a luxury, clearly showing the lack of awareness of FMS benefits in this segment. Among fleets with FMS in operation, the average penetration of X% with fleet management units in use identifies strong additional business opportunities for fleet solution vendors. Within the target market, the sample shows a penetration of X% of telematics units. Only about X% use integrated on-board units, while X% use stand-alone track and trace units—leaving significant opportunity for both existing and new vendors. Safety and security (with scores over X%) are considered the most important challenges. However after-sales support is the hidden key challenge for most fleet operators today, it is also the primary criterion to switch vendors.


Table of Contents

1. Research Objectives and Method Details

2. Overview of the Commercial Vehicles Telematics Market

3. Executive Summary

4. Fleet Facts and Purchase Criteria—Commercial Vehicles

5. FMS in Use

6. Attitude Towards FMS

7. FMS—Awareness and Familiarity

8. Future Interest in FMS

9. Willingness to Pay and Business Models

10. Vendor Consideration and Selection Criteria For FMS

11. Key Conclusions

12. Appendices

13. The Frost & Sullivan Story


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2012 European Fleet Managers' Willingness to Pay for FMS


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