2013 Projected Global Laboratory Products Budgets

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2013 Projected Global Laboratory Products Budgets


This survey of 170 laboratory managers and researchers investigates budgets for these product categories: instruments, equipment, chemicals, life science reagents and kits, glassware, plasticware, and general laboratory supplies over the 2011-2013 period. Budgets for service and repair of instruments and equipment also are presented. Additionally, respondents name the brands that are top-of-mind (unaided brand recognition) in each of the seven product categories. Finally, by-laboratory-type analyses are presented. The lab types examined are: academic, biopharmaceutical, industrial, patient care, and government.

Executive Summary

This study is based on a survey of researchers working in laboratories of various types worldwide. However, most respondents work in the United States. All professed at least some degree of familiarity with their lab's budget.

With the 'fiscal cliff' looming, the possibility that substantial portions of the U.S. federal budget will be trimmed in 2013, laboratories that depend on government money are anticipating sharply constrained budgets. Other labs may also be affected due to the negative impact that lower federal spending and higher taxes would have on the overall economy. Thus, instead of the once-typical growth of to percent, overall growth of just percent is anticipated for 2013, after percent growth in 2012.

Budget growth rates realized in 2012 and anticipated for 2013 differ substantially across laboratory and product type, as illustrated throughout the body of this research. Academic labs expect budget growth of percent, after a percent decline in 2012. All other lab types expect slower growth in 2013 than in 2012. However, because of the large share of academic labs in the sample, overall budget growth across all lab and product types is expected to increase slightly.

The average budget for lab products is $ in 2012, compared to $ in 2011. Details on the seven product categories and subcategories within those categories are provided in the body of the research.

Researchers indicate the product categories that their labs purchased or expect to purchase in the 2011-2013 period. Typically, they indicate the highest values in 2012, probably because of their greater familiarity with the current year. Chemicals and general lab supplies garner the highest values; life science reagents and kits the lowest. (Other categories covered are instruments, equipment, glassware, and plasticware).

For service and repair of instruments and equipment, manufacturer service contracts garner the highest revenue, even though in-house service departments and do-it-yourself service are also widely used. The latter appear to be much more cost-effective.



Research Objectives and Methods 6

Executive Summary and Implications 9

Researcher and Institution Profile 21

Overall Laboratory Budget 25

Laboratory Products Purchased: Past, Current, and Future 26

Budget Trends from 2011 to 2013 32

Laboratory Product Budget Trends by Product Type 34

Shares of Instrument Spending 36

Shares of Equipment Spending 38

Shares of Chemicals Spending 40

Shares of Life Science Reagents and Kits Spending 42

Shares of Glassware Spending 44

Shares of Plasticware Spending 46

Service and Repair Budget 47

Average Instruments Service and Repair Budget 48

Average Equipment Service and Repair Budget 49

General Industry Impact 50

Awareness of Top Companies by Laboratory Product 54

Cross-segment Comparisons by Laboratory Type 62

Customer Segment—Academic 74

Customer Segment—Biopharmaceutical 79

Customer Segment—Industrial 84

Customer Segment—Patient Care 89

Customer Segment—Government 94

Appendix 100

The Frost & Sullivan Story 102


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