2014 Arizona Legislature Vote TechSmart Guide Now Available from Arizona Technology Council

The Council names Arizona legislators who 'made the grade' as supporters of technology in the 2013, 2014 sessions and endorses 2014 Arizona legislative candidates

Jul 15, 2014, 11:29 ET from Arizona Technology Council

PHOENIX, July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Providing its members a comprehensive review of Arizona legislative candidates' positions on the key issues affecting the technology industry, the Arizona Technology Council today released its 2014 Vote TechSmart guide. The biannual resource includes endorsements of candidates for the state Senate and House of Representatives based on their recent voting records, a written survey and almost 70 interviews. Also, a letter grade of A through F is assigned to each incumbent based on how he or she voted on specific bills important to the industry.

"The upcoming election represents a crucial opportunity to cast votes for state legislators who understand the role technology plays in Arizona's economy," said Steven G. Zylstra, president and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council. "We've carefully crafted this resource based on thorough sources to provide our members with information that will help them get their voices heard."

A candidate's understanding of the following issues important to the technology industry and the position he or she took on them were significant in determining the Council's support: how to expand access to investment capital; tax code support of research and development (R&D) investments; technology-based economic development; support for technology infrastructure; and a strong commitment to a technology-based education system from kindergarten through postsecondary.

The Council chose to focus its guide on candidates who are running for the Legislature in Arizona's 2014 election and is not making recommendations on other statewide races or those races for U.S. Congress.

The Arizona Technology Council's 2014 Arizona legislative candidate endorsements are:

Arizona State Senate:


District 1: Steve Pierce (R) 

District 15: Nancy Barto (R)

District 2: Andrea Dalessandro (D2) 

District 16: None

District 3: None 

District 17: None

District 4: Lynne Pancrazi (D) 

District 18: Jeff Dial (R)

District 5: None

District 19: Guadalupe Contreras (D)

District 6: None 

District 20: Kimberley Yee (R)

District 7: Carlyle Begay (D) 

District 21: None

District 8: Barbara McGuire (D),

District 22: None

Harold Vangilder (R)

District 23: Jeffrey Schwartz (R)

District 9: Steve Farley (D) 

District 24: Katie Hobbs (D)

District 10: David Bradley (D),

District 25: Bob Worsley (R)

Mark Morrison (R) 

District 26: None

District 11: Scott Bartle (R) 

District 27: Aaron Marquez (D)

District 12: None 

District 28: Adam Driggs (R)

District 13: Don Shooter (R) 

District 29: None

District 14: None 

District 30: Robert Meza (D)




Arizona House of Representatives:


District 1: Karen Fann (R),

District 16: Douglas Coleman (R),

Linda Gray (R)

Kelly Townsend (R)

District 2: Demion Clinco (D),

District 17: JD Mesnard (R)

Rosanna Gabaldon (D)

District 18: Bob Robson (R)

District 3: Sally Ann Gonzales (D),

District 19: Mark Cardenas (D)

Macario Saldate (D)

District 20: Bill Adams (R)

District 4: Lisa Otondo (D) 

Amy Rose Schwabenlender (D)

District 5: Sonny Borrelli (R) 

District 21: Rick Gray (R)

District 6: None 

District 22: David Livingston (R),

District 7: None 

Phil Lovas (R)

District 8: Frank Pratt (R), TJ Shope (R) 

District 23: Effie Carlson (R),

District 9: Ethan Orr (R),

Bob Littlefield (R)

Victoria Steele (D)

District 24: Lela Alston (D), Ken Clark (D)

District 10: Stephanie Mach (D),

District 25: Michelle Udall (R)

Bruce Wheeler (D) 

District 26: Andrew Sherwood (D)

District 11: Jo Grant (R),

District 27: Rebecca Rios (D),

Venden "Vince" Leach (R) 

 Reginald Bolding (D)

District 12: None 

District 28: Kate Brophy McGee (R), Eric Meyer (D),

District 13: Diane Landis (R)

Mary Hamway (R)

District 14: David Gowan (R),

District 29: None

David Stevens (R)

District 30: Jonathan Larkin (D),

District 15: Heather Carter (R) 

Debbie McCune Davis (D)


The senators and representatives listed below are incumbents who are running for reelection or for a seat in a different chamber. Their letter grades based on voting records are:

"A" Legislators



Sen. Bob Worsley

Rep. Eric Meyer

Sen. Carlyle Begay

Rep. Ethan Orr

Sen. Don Shooter

Rep. Frank Pratt

Sen. John McComish

Rep. Heather Carter

Sen. Kimberly Yee

Rep. Jeff Dial

Sen. Lynne Pancrazi

Rep. Kate Brophy McGee

Sen. Robert Meza

Rep. Ruben Gallego

Sen. Steve Pierce

Rep. TJ Shope

Rep. Bruce Wheeler

Rep. Tom Forese

Rep. Chad Campbell

House Speaker Andy Tobin


"B" Legislators



Sen. Adam Driggs

Rep. Doug Coleman

Sen. Andrea Dalessandro

Rep. Guadalupe Contreras

Sen. Anna Tovar

Rep. JD Mesnard

Sen. Barbara McGuire

Rep. Juan Carlos Escamilla

Sen. David Bradley

Rep. Jonathan Larkin

Sen. David Farnsworth

Rep. Justin Pierce

Sen. Katie Hobbs

Rep. Kelly Townsend

Sen. Leah Landrum-Taylor

Rep. Lela Alston

Sen. Michele Reagan

Rep. Lisa Otondo

Sen. Nancy Barto

Rep. Macario Saldate

Sen. Steve Farley

Rep. Mark Cardenas

Rep. Andrew Sherwood

Rep. Norma Munoz

Rep. Bob Robson

Rep. Phil Lovas

Rep. Damien Clinco

Rep. Rick Gray

Rep. David Gowan

Rep. Rosanna Gabald

Rep. David Livingston

Rep. Sally Ann Gonzales

Rep. David Stevens

Rep. Sonny Borrelli

Rep. Debbie McCune Davis

Rep. Stephanie Mach

Rep. Doris Goodale

Rep. Victoria Steele


 "C" legislators



Sen. Chester Crandell

Rep. Eddie Farnsworth

Sen. Eddie Ableser  Rep. Jamescita Peshlakai

Sen. Gail Griffin

Rep. Juan Mendez

Sen. Olivia Cajero Bedford

Rep. Lydia Hernandez

Sen. Steve Yarbrough

Rep. Martin Quezada

Rep. Albert Hale

Rep. Paul Boyer

Rep. Bob Thorpe

Rep. Steve Montenegro

Rep. Catherine Miranda



Rep. Debbie Lesko    




"D" legislators



Senate President Andy Biggs

Rep. John Kavanagh

Sen. Judy Burges

Rep. Justin Olson

Sen. Kelli Ward

Rep. Michelle Ugenti

Sen. Steve Gallardo

Rep. Steve Smith

Rep. Brenda Barton    




"F" legislators



Sen. Rick Murphy

Rep. Darin Mitchell

Rep. Adam Kwasman

Rep. John Allen

Rep. Carl Seel

Rep. Warren Petersen


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