2014 Rauner Supporters form a New SuperPac for 2016

Seeks to Oust Corrupt Politicians and Replace with Honest Public Servants in St. Clair County

Feb 12, 2016, 08:30 ET from St. Clair County Freedom-Coalition

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Ill., Feb. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Eric Evans and Steve Denari, two co-founders of the 2014 SuperPac Democrats & Independents for Rauner (DIFR) announced they will launch a new SuperPac in 2016 dubbed the St. Clair County Freedom-Coalition.  Evans and Denari, both residents of St Clair County, Illinois are partners in the DC based law firm Political Action Law.

The new SuperPac, while being non-partisan, will seek to oust the corrupt, mostly Democratic long term incumbents currently in power in St. Clair County.  It will also seek to back new political challengers, whether from Republican, Democratic or Independent ranks.  Thus, the new organization's motto of "Vote the Person, not the Party!" seems most appropriate for its mission. 

Evans will serve as president of the new group, while Denari will be the executive director and chief fundraiser.  Both men agreed that the impetus for this new SuperPac is to not only replace county officials (including judges), but also to elect new State Representatives in St. Clair County to the Illinois General Assembly who will support Governor Rauner's common sense changes to the still unapproved budgetary process in the state.

"I am pleased to announce that we have received a pledge of $500,000 in radio time from two stations operated by the Insane Broadcasting Company of Belleville, IL toward the Freedom-Coalition's efforts in 2016," stated Denari, "and this will let us have the voice throughout the area to get our message out."  Denari, a former political radio show talker in northern Illinois, will now host the "Freedom-Coalition Hour," to be simulcast on KQQZ 1190am and KZQZ 1430am.

Bob Romanik, weekday talk show host of the "The Grim Reaper of Radio," and himself a candidate for Illinois State Representative in the 114th District, said, "I welcome Mr. Denari and the "Freedom-Coalition Hour" aboard at both stations, where our voices reach from Belleville to Springfield every day!"

Evans noted, "We believe that the often overlooked Metro East area of Illinois can be critical in the 2016 elections to establish an era of clean government.  With the help of Governor Rauner, this is not only a breakthrough for the residents of our county, but for the entire State of Illinois."

As a registered SuperPac, the St. Clair County Freedom-Coalition will be allowed to accept unlimited donations to effect its purposes, and may independently spend unlimited amounts on behalf of and against political candidates.  The new organization's website will be located at www.Freedom-Coalition.com.

For more information, contact Steve Denari, Executive Director, through email or 312-636-6659

SOURCE St. Clair County Freedom-Coalition