2015 Beijing international Youth Tourism Season Officially Begins

Jul 24, 2015, 09:00 ET from THINKARD

BEIJING, July 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2015 Beijing international Youth Tourism Season was formally rolled out on July 20th at the Communication University of China (CUC). Attendees at the opening ceremony included Fang Zehua, committee member at the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development and Ding Junjie, dean of the Advertising College at CUC and head of the National Advertising Research Institute, among others.

As the majority of Beijing's tourists are younger people, this segment of the population can all act as ambassadors to promote tourism, by spreading the message and adding new meaning to it. Based on these findings, the 2015 Beijing international Youth Tourism Season campaign takes into account the lifestyle, hobbies and interests of the age group as the organizers plan events and happenings that are likely to pique the interest of the group. In this vein, the organizers have integrated these findings into the series of planned events under the general theme of "I Was Drawn to Beijing". In addition, the campaign includes a series of themed events that are more in line with the expectations of the age group and focuses on interactive experiences, as a way of encouraging younger travelers to discover the many charms that lie hidden in and around Beijing. The campaign, which is expected to last three months, from July to October, will provide many opportunities for young travelers and tourists to derive the most benefit out of the season.  

Following the roll out of the campaign, a major online event for this tourism season "discovering new Beijing with China's expert domestic and international guides" has officially started, with the highly-anticipated "discovery team" members making their appearance. From July to September, team members will discover Beijing together with experienced young travelers who are recruited online. Each team will independently plan and design a tour, with the entire minute-by-minute experience captured on video and uploaded to the official website in real time, with each team competing to create a video showcasing the best "discoveries". The decision about what will be included as stops on each tour will respectively take education, suburban Beijing and cultural creativity into account, in an effort to create a literate, energetic and inspiring experience for young travelers visiting Beijing whether they be from another part of the country or from abroad. In addition, a youth interactive gathering will be held during August, the height of the tourism season. At the time of the gathering, a series of exciting events, including a concert, a young people's creativity market and events in connection with Beijing's folklore will be staged in concert with a "youth preferential day" for Beijing's tourism products and services.

The activity is organized by Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development and co-organized by THINKARD.