2015 Global Culture and Entertainment Ceremony Held in Beijing

Jan 19, 2016, 10:18 ET from Global Times

BEIJING, Jan. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2015, Chinese culture and entertainment industry stepped into an unprecedented golden age. The three major industries of films, TV dramas and variety shows have made amazing progress in their respective fields. In the area of films, China's box-office value rose 48.7%, reaching RMB 44 billion, an increase of 48.7% from 2014. As for TV dramas, China has become the world's largest producer of TV dramas with annual production capacity of over 15,000 episodes. Meanwhile, the variety shows industry has also realized a rapid increase and should keep advancing in the progress of marketization while it expands its global audience. These achievements made by the traditional culture and entertainment industry were inseparable from the transformation of Internet and big data. Internet and big data have also become an important thrust for the culture and entertainment industry chain.

Under such exciting circumstances, "2015 Conference on Big Data Index of Culture and Entertainment Industry and 2015 Global Culture and Entertainment Ceremony" organized by Global Times, and jointly held by Beijing Iminer Data Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai University School of Film and Television Art & Technology, Research Center of Cultural Industries in Beijing Foreign Studies University, China Cultural Creative Industry Association, China Television Drama Production Industry Association and Yuqing Research Center was held in Beijing on January 15, 2016. Around 200 guests, including Yao Jingyuan, Contract Research Fellow of Counselors' Office of the State Council and Former Chief Economist and Press Spokesman of National Bureau of Statistics; Hu Xijin, Editor-in-Chief of Global Times; You Xiaogang, Chairman of China Television Drama Production Industry Association; Wang Hong, President of HG Entertainment; Yan Yazhou, a famous director; and Xia Zongliang, President of Beijing Iminer Data Technology Co., Ltd., were invited to attend.

At the ceremony, a series of film and television industry big data statistics for 2015 were published and awards like Most Popular TV Drama, Film and Variety Show, Best TV Producer, Best Internet Drama and New Excellent Directors were presented. Beijing Iminer Data Technology Co., Ltd. and Yuqing Research Center provided data support for this activity. As introduced by Xia Zongliang, President of Beijing Iminer Data Technology Co., Ltd., the data sources of this ceremony mainly included Internet big data, industry data and the third-party partner data, where the Internet big data was mainly determined by I.D.P -- the integrated data platform independently researched and developed by Beijing Iminer Data Technology Co., Ltd., which collected 2.19 billion items of full internet and media data related to art & entertainment from November 30, 2014 to November 30, 2015, achieving total storage volume of 205,000 GB. An analysis amounting to 390 million person-time, was conducted 24 large-dimension and overall analyses. As for the selection of media data, over 3,200 web portals, over 100 mainstream forums, over 450 paper media, and over 30 video websites, as well as several social media including Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo were chosen. In the aspect of technical processing, distributed data processing technology, large-scale machine learning algorithms and Chinese natural language processing technology were used. Combining with the entertainment industry data analysis system, I.D.P.deeply excavated the related entertainment objects on the basis of the Entertainment Index Map, and finally judged the various kinds of big data awards.

The well-known programs Running Man, The Voice of China, Dad,Where Are We Going and Real Hero were selected as the "2015 iTV The Most Popular Variety Shows" as the audience expected; while "The Most Original Variety Show of the Year" was awarded to Chef Nic, for its fantastic performance and results in overall impression, topics, production, player/guest, and host/judge/tutor. Angelababy, Jay Chou, Jing Boran, Lu Han and Zhang Yixing became "The Most Popular Variety Show Guests" according to the big data, and the Weibo influence score of Angelababy reached 9.8, in addition, her BBS and "video comment heat" also reached over 9.3.

Domestic TV dramas did quite well in 2015, for example, Nirvana in Fire, The Disguiser, World of Plainness, Hey Daddy, and Tiger Mom & Cat Dad were highly praised by audiences, and were awarded as the "Gold Reputation TV Dramas"; while Heartless Mage and Falling Down were awarded as the"Gold Reputation Internet Dramas". Bai Zihua, Mei Changsu, Sha Qianmo and Ming Tai, etc. were selected as the most popular TV drama characters of the year. Bai Zihua in The Journey of Flower, with three full marks in aspects of Weibo influence, "video comment heat" and BBS influence, and an overall evaluation score of 9.95, was praised as the top 1 popular role.

In 2015, about 500 films were released in China.The total box office value was RMB 44 billion, among which RMB 27.1 billion came from domestic films, accounting for 61.58% of the total box office value. As shown by the big data results, Monkey King Hero Is Back, The Witness, Tiny Times 4.0, Monster Hunt, and Forever Young were praised as "2015 The Most Popular Films"; while Monkey King Hero Is Back, Monster Hunt, Saving Mr.Wu, Goodbye Mr. Loser, and Go Away Mr. Tumour were praised as"2015 iFilmGold Reputation Films". Monkey King Hero Is Back was fully recognized by the audiences in aspects of director, characters, frames and performance, with each receiving a score of over 9. It also became the most popular film of the year among the post-80s with its reputation and influence.

SOURCE Global Times