2015 Optics Valley Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum & "The Belt and Road" Summit

Dec 14, 2015, 08:00 ET from Winliner Information Technology Co., Ltd.

WUHAN, China, Dec. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 27, the 2015 Optics Valley Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum & "The Belt and Road" Summit was held in Wuhan. This summit was hosted by the Wuhan Municipal People's Government, supported by the Department of Commerce of Hubei Province, organized by Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone Administrative Committee and Transn Internet of Language Technology Co., Ltd., co-organized by Hubei Daily Media Group, and executed by Winliner Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Winliner).

A host of renowned overseas e-commerce platforms were invited, including Trade India, one of India's largest B2B platforms; Quiminet, Latin America's largest B2B platform; Yandex, the world's third-largest and Russia's largest search engine; Linio, Latin America's leading B2C platform; Lazada, Southeast Asia's largest B2C platform. The summit also brought together heads of 100 Chinese counties (cities), representatives from 100 upstream and downstream enterprises in the cross-border e-commerce industry, top e-commerce experts and scholars, as well as officials from the embassies of Malaysia, Tajikistan and other relevant countries along "The Belt and Road" in China.

The summit interpreted the great challenges and opportunities from China's national strategy of "The Belt and Road," and explored the new trend, model and pattern of the cross-border e-commerce development of China's county economy under the strategy, for the purpose of building Wuhan into a strategic hub in the coordinated development of the county economy and cross-border e-commerce in China, and consolidating Wuhan's strategic position in global cross-border e-commerce industry.

"China County Economy Cross-Border E-Commerce Development Index" was launched at the summit. Through the index, Wuhan will pioneer the new trend of cross-border e-commerce development to create a great atmosphere of county economy transformation and upgrading.

At the summit, over 20 Chinese counties (cities) and Winliner made a joint proposal on establishing the "Alliance of 100 Cross-Border E-Commerce Counties." By pooling information flow, logistics, talent flow and capital flow, all members will cooperate and achieve win-win under innovative models, so as to build the alliance into a model for regional and industrial cooperation in China, and create a new pattern and new force of global cross-border e-commerce.

The launch ceremony of "2016 (Second) Optics Valley Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum" was also held at the summit. With Wuhan as the center, the second edition will be held in Wuhan, Malaysia and Kazakhstan concurrently.

According to the source, the "First Optics Valley Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum" was held in Wuhan in 2014, bringing together over 60 executives from 46 cross-border platforms in the world, achieved fruitful results, and drew wide attention from all walks of life. The organizing committee decided to hold the forum biennially and the summit in the year thereafter.

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