2016 Franchise Disclosure Document PDF Downloads Now Available through FranchiseComplaints.org

The Franchise FDD is a juicy report that is packed full of useful information intended to help entrepreneurs research franchises for sale. It's a report that every prospective franchisee should view prior to investing money in a franchise system. This detailed report is notoriously been difficult to obtain, that is, until now. 2016 Franchise Disclosure Document PDF downloads now available via FranchiseComplaints.org make it easy to access search FDDs and research franchises.

Mar 14, 2016, 08:01 ET from FranchiseComplaints.org

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- FranchiseComplaints.org has just announced the release of new 2016 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) PDF downloads.

Among other things, a franchisor's disclosure document contains contracts and agreements, as well as information on lawsuits, data on costs and fees, earnings reports, training manuals and other information mandated by the FTC.

Web developers and researchers at FranchiseComplaints.org spent hundreds of hours gathering all the latest franchise disclosures and agreements, organizing this data and presenting it in a searchable, user-friendly manner. The end result is a comprehensive database consisting of thousands of franchise reports, each packed full of useful information and resources to research franchise investments.  "Whether you're looking for an old FDD from 2005 or the latest 2016 FDD, you'll be able to find it using our new Franchise FDD research tool," states a FranchiseComplaints.org representative.

FranchiseComplaints.org's release of new 2016 franchise disclosure documents provides prospective franchisees with an easy way to search, find and download franchise disclosure agreements for all major franchise systems.  A complete FDD report typically will contain all the information a prospective franchisee needs to make an educated decision about investing in a franchise business and will provide answers to all his or her questions about the franchise they are interested in buying, leaving little for a franchise sales representative explain.

As a representative with FranchiseComplaints.org explains, "Our release of updated 2016 Franchise Disclsoure Agreements offer prospective franchise owners with the latest and most up-to-date information on franchises and the franchisors that offer these business opportunities."  FranchiseComplaints.org's vision is to provide access to tools and resources that make it easy to research franchise opportunities; updating its database with the latest 2016 versions of franchisors disclosures is one way FranchiseComplaints.org hopes to save its users countless hours researching franchises.

"Not only does FranchiseComplaints.org offer prospective franchisees access to all the latest FDDs and franchise agreements, it provides advanced search features that make it easy to find and download the latest disclosure document of any franchise opportunity.  Now people trying to find informative reports on franchise costs, fees, etc. can get all and only the details they need from a source they can trust."

In addition to disclosure agreements, other useful franchise information services are available through FranchiseComplaints.org. To view all FranchiseComplaints.org research and reports visit http://www.franchisecomplaints.org/reports/.



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