22 Ways to Save Money on Your Home Energy Bill

With winter just beginning, there is no better time to make simple home improvements that will conserve energy and save money on bills.

Jan 01, 2010, 12:01 ET from ChristianPF.com

ST. LOUIS, Jan. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Financial blog, ChristianPF.com released an article featuring 22 simple techniques the average homeowner can use to save money on their energy bills each month. The article explains that while old houses have the greatest room for improvement, there are many simple fixes that can be made to new houses to improve their efficiency.

The author suggests not waiting around for the proposed Cash for Caulkers stimulus program, but to get started now. The article offers free suggestions for improving home efficiency such as...

  • Whenever you leave the house or go to sleep, lower your thermostat down a bit. It has been said, "If you consistently set your thermostat back at night 10 degrees Fahrenheit, you may reduce your heating bill by 10-20 percent."
  • You can take this to the next level, by always keeping the thermostat lower and wearing warmer clothes around the house. I know one guy who keeps his house at 55 degrees during the winter. I can't say I'd be into that, but I am sure his heating bill is a lot lower than mine!
  • Lower the temperature on the water heater to 120 degrees. If you have smaller children this could be a safety measure as well. 160 degree water coming out of your faucet can be a bit dangerous. Also, turn off the hot water heater when on vacation.

The article also looks at many inexpensive options for reducing home heating bills...

  • Open windows during the day - especially if they are south-facing. But close them up at night to keep the heat in.
  • Install Foam Gaskets behind electric-outlet and switch-plate covers.
  • Add or fix your weather stripping, door sweeps, and thresholds.
  • Get a programmable thermostat and set it to be lower when you aren't at home or are asleep.
  • Buy caulk and seal all windows, doors, and any other areas where air leaks might be present.
  • Replace your furnace air filters at least every 60 days. It will yield better air for your family to breathe and a more efficient furnace.

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