23Traders Announces the Launch of Its New Portfolio Analysis Tool

Apr 13, 2016, 04:00 ET from 23Traders

LONDON, April 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

23Traders (http://www.23traders.com) is proud to announce the launch of its Portfolio Analysis Tool. This feature has been developed in collaboration with investment professionals to ensure that traders can analyze their investments and achieve their trading goals. Launched in April 2016, this unique tool, that is part of the 23Traders platform, serves as an invaluable resource that provides clients with reliable and actionable information on their current and past trades, and as a way to test their various strategies using measurable metrics.

Effective and successful investment relies on a varied portfolio of multiple assets and trade types, all of which produce varying returns, depending on a trader's skill level and prevailing market conditions. 23Traders realized that the market place was missing an easy to use tool and they developed their own Portfolio Analysis Tool that gives traders a systematic method of tracking and analyzing the different investments that make up their entire trading portfolio on the 23Traders' platform. By using the 23Traders Portfolio Analysis Tool, traders are better able to decide which asset classes and option types they should place more emphasis on, and which ones should be eliminated from their portfolio, by using objective criteria to compare them. The 23Traders Portfolio Analysis is an organized and disciplined method of thinking about the best place to allocate resources for maximum benefit.

Once a trader is logged in to the 23Traders' online trading platform and selects the Portfolio Analysis feature, they can choose a date range to view several trading statistics, including trading volume, the average position of each type of trade and the overall success rate, which is then broken down into the success rate of Call positions and Put positions as a percentage of their total trades. These statistics are available for Speed trades, Binary Options and Forex trades for a particular period. There is also a handy chart that allows traders to see the complete picture of their trades at a glance.

According to Daniel Diehl, Head of brokerage department at 23Traders, traders tend to lose track and focus on what is working and what is not and often continue to invest in losing trades.  The other common issue with many traders is hyper-analysis of individual trades and trying to make educated decisions with micro data. The fact is no trader can ensure a 100% success rate which is why it is so critical to analyze the performance of multiple trades before adjusting strategies. By applying this data and concentrating trades on asset classes that provide the greatest profits, traders will start to see an immediate improvement in their trading success. Daniel commented that, "During our beta testing phase, we gave access to a select group of traders and within a few days, many traders saw their overall success rate increase by 40-50%."

Daniel went on further to say, "We always strive to ensure that our traders are equipped with the best tools to help them boost their trading success. This product is a unique introduction into the industry, and eliminates the need for traders to manually track the overall performance of all their investments on 23Traders."

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