26 Countries Join Forces In Open Access Science Initiative

International researchers meet at DiagnosticSpeak.com to promote food safety, animal health

Jul 10, 2012, 11:00 ET from DiagnosticSpeak.com

COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- What do scientists from the United States, Canada, France and Spain all have in common? Among other things, researchers from these countries have joined forces at DiagnosticSpeak.com, a unique forum that offers the scientific, educational and research communities a rare opportunity to share their discoveries. Perhaps even more significantly, this collaborative approach has expanded to include participants from a total of 26 countries around the globe, all in the interest of promoting food safety and animal health.

DiagnosticSpeak.com is a labor of love for Daral J. Jackwood, Ph.D., a Professor in the Food and Animal Health Research Program at The Ohio State University, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster, Ohio. This unique forum is dedicated to advancing open access science within the community of infectious disease investigators. Dr. Jackwood leads the initiative to encourage researchers to adopt open access science in the vital areas of animal health and food safety.  

"We are extremely excited about the increased interest in collaboration for the sake of promoting animal health and food safety," said Dr. Jackwood. "We are particularly encouraged by the diversity of interest, including researchers from vastly different countries, including Brazil, Italy, Australia and Denmark, just to name a few - as well as Iran, Iraq, the Sudan and even the Ukraine. The broad-based appeal demonstrates a willingness to share discoveries, seek insight and advance the field of animal disease diagnostics in order to ensure the safety of the world's food supply. We're confident this approach will improve animal health and create a healthier food chain on Planet Earth."

As an advocate for collaboration, Dr. Jackwood founded www.DiagnosticSpeak.com in 2008. The forum is dedicated to advancing open access science among infectious disease investigators.  "DiagnosticSpeak.com was created so the research community could stay better informed about emerging diseases and animal health issues," continued Dr. Jackwood. "Participants can compare notes and exchange ideas on how to more effectively and efficiently conduct diagnostic assays and stay current as assays are developed by others."

Open access science provides a mechanism for infectious disease investigators to interact with colleagues in the vital area of food safety, yielding a better understanding of the meaning and value of diagnostic assay results. The practical benefit is an approach that helps preserve the integrity of the food chain.

Participation in DiagnosticSpeak.com is open to infectious disease investigators worldwide. There is no fee to join this vibrant Online community. An open invitation is extended to researchers throughout the world to participate and learn from each other and to create more meaningful results in the areas of animal health, food safety and emerging diseases, all in a secure, "members-only" forum.

For more information about collaboration at DiagnosticSpeak.com and/or about open access science, please contact Dr. Jackwood directly: by email at Jackwood.2@osu.edu, or by phone at (330)263-3964. Dr. Jackwood is available for interviews with media, as well as professionals within the research community. 

SOURCE DiagnosticSpeak.com