28 Million Gamers Show Positive Interest in Nintendo 3DS

Despite formal announcements, leading into E3, 16% of gamers are aware of Nintendo's intention to release a 3D handheld gaming device

Jun 14, 2010, 06:00 ET from Interpret LLC

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading into the E3 gaming conference this week, Interpret releases data from a re-contact study of its New Media Measure™ consumer database showing that 16% of gamers are aware of Nintendo's intent to release a 3D handheld device. The study, "3D State of Union: Are Consumers Ready?" also reveals significant gender differences in terms of awareness, with 21% of male gamers showing awareness versus 9% of female gamers.

"Despite the absence of any formal news or announcements about a no-glasses 3D handheld device, awareness and positive purchase interest are relatively high," said Michael Cai, VP, Interpret. "Nintendo's brand strength among gamers is a contributing factor, but the data clearly show that general excitement about 3D is also driving increased anticipation."

In terms of purchase interest, the study reveals similar gender differences in that "definite interest" is highest among males (10% of male gamers versus 5% of female gamers).

3D State of Union: Are Consumers Ready? is a New Media Measure™ interpretations report that examines consumer awareness, experience, perception, and interest of 3D entertainment and technologies and identifies early adopters of 3D content and devices.

New Media Measure™ is Interpret LLC's proprietary, quarterly survey of media behaviors, attitudes and product consumption. Designed to keep pace with the evolving media landscape, New Media Measure™ supplies the means to better measure and keep track of fast-changing consumer behaviors. New Media Measure™ surveys 9,000 consumers aged 12-65, representative of the U.S. population and weighted to U.S. Census. Data collected includes: demographics, psychographics, brand consumption, traditional media consumption, online and social networking, mobile phone, video gaming, and digital entertainment. Data is available via Interface, a web-accessible, interactive analysis tool, through Intrend, quarterly trend reports, and through Interpretations, monthly whitepapers from Interpret analysts. www.interpretllc.com/new-media-measure.php.

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