2DELLO - Specialty Mall for Handmade Accessories that Captured the Eyes of Korean Wave Stars

- "Meet the accessories that Korean celebrities love"

Dec 04, 2015, 09:00 ET from 2DELLO

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Every move of Korean Wave stars is becoming an issue alongside the growing craze for Korean popular culture so called, "Korean Wave". There is also an increasing number of fans around the world who are making efforts to find out about the clothes, shoes, and accessories that Korean Wave stars wear, and an increasing number of them are actually visiting Korea to directly purchase such products.

A Korean specialty mall for handmade accessories, 2DELLO (www.2dello.com), is securing customer bases globally based on the influence of Korean Wave stars. As customers around the world are showing great interest in the accessories that incredibly popular stars such as Lee Min-ho and Lee Jong-seok are wearing. Product inquiries and order placements are continuously increasing, and some Russian buyers and Canadian buyers have even made business propositions.

Recently, 2DELLO was introduced to 'Weekend', a famous magazine in Hong Kong, and the number of Hong Kong tourists visiting Korea stopping by at 2DELLO's shops increased greatly. It looks as though it is becoming a tour course.

Co-CEOs, Hwang Min-soo and Song Seong-holaunched the English site (http://en.2dello.com) in August using the Global Service of cafe24 (www.cafe24.com), Korea's largest e-commerce solution brand, by reflecting the growing interest of global customers. They are also planning to launch a Chinese site.

2DELLO carries over 200 handmade products including bracelets, necklaces, and tie-pins that textured through 100% self-design and self-production. They improved the products' competitiveness through customized production service and maintained reasonable pricing through the minimization of distribution process.

"I feel confident as it seems that 2DELLO is recognized for its quality and uniqueness at home and abroad," said CEO Song Seong-ho, "We will continuously make efforts to provide the best handmade accessories for the customers around the world."