2Pac is Alive in Heaven According to Author Bran 7

A story about 2Pac alive in Heaven, a Supernatural connection and how Bran 7's mild autism is healed

Oct 04, 2013, 09:02 ET from Bran 7

COLUMBIA, Mo., Oct. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Author, Bran 7, aka Brandon Napier, has just released a new book, "Extraordinary The Power of Believing," claiming that 2Pac is alive in Heaven to inspire people. (http://2pacisaliveinheaven.weebly.com/)

His story centers around his belief he has found information that connects what at first appears to be coincidences about the Pentecostal bible minister, William Branham, whom many of that faith consider to be a prophet, and the rapper 2Pac.

The story also follows Bran 7 as he tries to find a cure for what he describes as mild autism, and the supernatural things he felt happened to him leading up to his meeting with Psychic, Beatrice Marot. Marot claims to have the ability to speak with the slain rapper and he is in Heaven.

Bran 7 tries unsuccessfully to cure his mild autism by taking supplements, memory helpers, a full cleanse, various diets, meditation and more techniques. He felt he was ultimately healed by God.

He becomes friends with Asher Underwood, the owner of a popular web site for Tupac fans, "Truth About Tupac." Underwood went on to feature Bran 7's story on his website, "Truth About Tupac," in May 2013. Bran 7 said Underwood felt it was an important story to tell and that there was a lot of important information in Bran 7's story.

Several key figures in Tupac's life are members on the website, including Leila Steinberg, who was Tupac's first manager, and other people that personally knew, lived and worked with Tupac. Then his meeting with Marot, who helps connect the dots with minister Branham, 2pac alive and Bran 7.

This riveting story "Extraordinary The Power of Believing," which can be found on Barnes and Noble's web site here: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/extraordinary-the-power-of-believing-bran-7/1114512187?ean=2940044296145

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