3 Important Privacy Threats You Won't Hear About in the Apple iPhone Case

Mar 08, 2016, 12:57 ET from TrackOFF

BALTIMORE, March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Government and corporate abuses of power related to the mass surveillance, storage, and selling of consumer data have reached an all-time high. While there's been a lot of debate recently about the trade-off between security and privacy in the FBI's bid to force Apple to create a backdoor in the iPhone, for most people the following tracking methods pose a much more immediate privacy risk.

How it's done: a basic explanation of how our privacy rights are violated. 

"The easiest way to think about it," explains TrackOFF Chief Technology Officer Ryan Flach, "is there are three main ways people are tracked online:

(1) Cookies, small files placed on your computer revealing where you've been and who you are;

(2) IP address, which is basically a label assigned to your computer that can be used to identify you; and

(3) Fingerprint, a set of information that uniquely identifies your computer and you."

Using these three tracking techniques, every day we're subjected to having our online browsing recorded, searches examined, and purchasing habits nabbed. Where we live, our interests—everything is collected and funneled into profiles containing intimate details about our entire lives.

Fighting Back 

Taking steps to protect against any one of these tracking methods is a good idea, but "we're excited to announce the release of our new software, TrackOFF Elite, which protects users against all three. It's a game changer for anyone concerned about safeguarding their identity and private data on the web," said Flach. "And it's the first comprehensive privacy solution ever."

The need for privacy protection tools is greater than ever.

"The war on privacy is raging—and not just in the courtroom with Apple—the battlefield stretches all the way to your living room every time you open a browser. People spend decades building their reputations and unique stories: teacher, nurse, father, daughter, husband. The data miners are creating their own version of the story based on what we do online, and it's not a fair portrayal," warns TrackOFF CEO Chandler Givens.  

TrackOFF Elite is slated for release in April 2016. Interested consumers are encouraged to read more and download a free trial of TrackOFF's current offering at TrackOFF.com, or by clicking here.

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