30DC Announces Major MagCast Platform Upgrades

Feb 13, 2013, 09:00 ET from 30DC, Inc.

NEW YORK, Feb. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- 30DC, Inc. (OTC: TDCH), a provider of web-based tools for the monetization of digital content, today announced a major MagCast upgrade and officially launched Version 3 of the MagCast Digital Publishing Platform. The feature upgrades were developed, in part, from the feedback from our growing community of MagCasters, which includes 250+ live Newsstand digital magazines.

Ed Dale, the CEO of 30DC stated, "Building a magazine is just the first step. The MagCast platform with its new enhanced features provides progressive and advanced marketing and distribution for our customers. These new features will assist in keeping 30DC at the forefront of the digital magazine industry, all the while keeping MagCast as the digital magazine platform of choice for self-publishers seeking market leadership and influence."

Mr. Dale went on to describe the new MagCast features. "We have implemented new features including:

* New Design

We have created a new experience for readers opening a MagCast for the first time in Newsstand, which works differently than other areas of the Apple App Store. The new design is intended to provide greater ease for MagCast magazine readers in downloading their first issue and we believe this will lead to an increase in downloads and subsequent subscriptions.

* Ability to Clip and Share Pages

One of the biggest criticisms of magazines on Newsstand has been the inability to "clip" and save items (similar to cutting out articles and pasting them in a scrapbook).

MagCast version 3 includes a new feature enabling readers to "clip" excerpts of a magazine page and share them with their friends on Facebook and Twitter using the new iOS 6 system implementation. Magazine readers can now access Facebook and Twitter by clicking a button in App while remaining in the flow of reading their MagCast, rather than having to disconnect to access these services.

In addition, readers will be able to share these clips on Pinterest and Evernote. We think readers are going to enjoy having the ability to clip content from their MagCast to save, store and share.

Further, MagCast publishers will be provided greater exposure and the advantage of link building directly to their Newsstand landing page.

* Facebook Advertisement Tracking

Late last year, Facebook introduced the ability for advertisers to select which device their ads would run on. This has great potential for MagCasters as they can now target advertising to iPad users of Facebook only - saving wasted clicks on people who could not take advantage of MagCast.

MagCast, version 3, enhances the ability to reach the right audience, such as the dog magazine publisher targeting dog lovers who are looking at Facebook on their iPads.

*Video Previews of New MagCast Editions.

Video sells, and we believe that the ability for MagCasters to sell and promote their magazines with video will be yet another way to expand readership. This feature enables MagCasters to post a promotional video on their Newsstand landing page. We believe MagCast is the first digital magazine publishing platform to offer this feature.

* MagCast Partners Can Add Their Affiliate Link in the "Powered by MagCast" Link

A core part of the business plan for MagCast is the ability of approved partners to sell MagCast. Partners now have the ability to put their partner link into the magazine's "Powered by MagCast" section. The partner will now get credit for spreading the word on MagCast in their magazines with this link.

In conclusion, Mr. Dale remarked, "We are excited about these new developments and MagCast's continuing evolution in its goal to be a key player in the digital magazine industry."

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