30DC's MagCast Digital Publishing Platform Launches 250th Magazine on Apple Newsstand

Feb 08, 2013, 14:08 ET from 30DC, Inc.

NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- 30DC, Inc. (OTC: TDCH), a provider of web-based tools for the monetization of digital content, today announced that it has recently added to its impressively growing list of MagCast-delivered magazines. The company is pleased to advise the market that the 250th unique magazine title has now launched on Apple Newsstand using the MagCast digital publishing platform.

MagCast was formally launched in June of last year, as a cloud-based service that creates an application ("App") for customers to publish a digital magazine on Apple Corporation's online marketplace Apple Newsstand. The service includes executive training manuals and tools on everything that is needed to start a magazine from scratch, niche content creation strategies, and complete instructions on how to publish on Newsstand. Since MagCast was launched midway through 2012 the platform has experienced continuous growth in its user base which has continued into 2013.

Today's announcement is a major milestone. With 250 magazines MagCast has built a large magazine network that continues to grow at a rapid pace. This illustrates that MagCast is a go-to publishing platform for the self-publishing magazine market. Anyone or entity with a niche idea or a market that is interested in creating, distributing and monetizing a magazine can now look to MagCast and view 250 unique, real-world examples on how this is done.

30DC is also pleased to advise that Good Light! Magazine (one of the initial magazines launched through the MagCast platform), a magazine about portrait photography for amateurs, has just published its third issue in Apple's Newsstand and the new issue has already exceeded 10,000 readers (http://www.icanadianpress.com/new-photography-magazine-reaches-more-than-10-000-readers-through-ipad/). The magazine sells for $3.99 per issue or $2.99 for subscribers and is produced in Germany.

2012 was the year MagCast completed development, established its initial presence with a worldwide launch, and has now grown to 250 published magazines titles.  In 2013, 30DC will focus  on enhancing the MagCast platform with additional features that will increase current MagCast users' ability to obtain additional subscribers, distribute their content and ultimately increase their profits as well as increase MagCast's appeal to potential new users.

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