360 Mobile Security, Ltd. Announces More Than 100 Million Daily Active Users Brought by Its Product 360 Security

Feb 03, 2016, 08:30 ET from 360 Mobile Security Limited

BEIJING, Feb. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- 360 Mobile Security, Ltd. ("360 Mobile" or "the Company"), with headquarters in Beijing, and 15 offices worldwide, announced today that its worldwide mobile security app, 360 Security, already has more than 100 million daily active users.

360 Mobile was founded in 2013 and received more than $80 million of investment from Qihoo 360 and Wang Liwei, VP of Kunlun in 2015. At the beginning of 2015, the company launched a new version of its 360 Security app and began its expansion into the international market. Within just one year, 360 Mobile has obtained big success.

As a first step, and in order to adapt to the user's different habits, local culture and the tech environment, 360 Mobile created a new UI design for the international version of 360 Security and offered translations in 34 different languages. After one year of effort in the international market, daily active users of 360 Security have increased by more than ten times.

The CEO of 360 Mobile, Wang Liwei, explains that the big success of 360 Security has been favored by the complete understanding of the international market and an appropriate promotion strategy. For example, for users in the USA, Japan and Korea, the smartphone is not only a tool for communication, but also for entertainment, social interaction and online payments. 360 Security paid extra attention to ensure increased phone performance for users when enjoying different entertainment functions and improved the safety of private information. To satisfy these needs, 360 Mobile launched a version of 360 Security with App Lock and Game Boost features in Korea. With users able to enjoy all the functions of antivirus, cleaning, game boost and protection of privacy by installing one software product instead of multiple ones, 360 Security became very popular as soon as it was launched on the Korean market.

Very different to the US and China, in India, the primary way to connect to the internet is via mobile terminal, and a lot of mobile phones have less than 1Gb of RAM. Some Indian users' mobile internet speeds become slow, with junk files occupying too much RAM, which affects the user experience.

To satisfy Indian users' needs, 360 Mobile has developed a Lite version which is only 1/4 size of similar products, and has improved the platform to run better alongside the top 1,000 apps in India. This will help Indian users to manage their mobile memory and obtain the best experience. For this reason, 360 Security has become very popular since its launch in India. One headline in Indian media read, "First worldwide launch of the lightest all-in-one App: 360 Security in India." Within three weeks, the Lite version of 360 Security was downloaded more than 10 million times.

360 Security is 360 Mobile's core product and already has more than 300 million users, with most of them in the USA, Europe, Japan, Korea and India, the main Android app markets. Data from App Annie shows that 360 Security is ranked in the top 5 apps in 79 countries in Google Play, and ranks first in the tools ranking of 90 countries. 67 million users rated 360 Security with a score of 4.6 (out of 5). 360 Security has faced the challenges of a complex mobile internet landscape, different languages and cultures and has risen to excellence.

360 Mobile has another series of apps on the international market. In the future, the Company will collaborate with Cheetah Mobile Inc., Kunlun, APUS Group, 3G.cn and Solo launcher to create a new generation of "Chinese exportation -- software exportation" products.

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