360fly Driving The Next Generation In Smart Technology With Game-Changing 360-Degree 4K Video & Machine Learning

Partnerships & Cross-Brand Product Integrations, Featuring 360-Degree Video, Will Expand Intuitive Capabilities of "Smart" Devices

Jan 05, 2016, 11:00 ET from 360fly

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- "Smart" technologies have effectively given brains to a variety of previously conventional products, dramatically enhancing their impact on our day-to-day lifestyles through intuitive digital technologies. Soon these products will have eyes as well. 360fly, Inc., maker of the world's only single-lens camera that captures stitchless 360-degree video with interactive and virtual reality viewing capabilities, is leading the charge to enhance smart technology with 360-degree 4K video and machine learning capabilities.

Over the course of 2016, 360fly will continue its crusade to advance technology in industries such as law enforcement, military, public transportation, auto insurance, surveillance/security and, most immediately, action sports.

Initial examples of 360fly's 360-degree, video-driven technologies were on display this week at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, in the form of four advanced video-integrated "smart" helmets from Giro (snow) and Bell Helmets (mountain bike, motocross, street motorcycle). While video capture will be a primary feature of the helmets, 360fly's 360-degree 4K platform enables several other intuitive features made possible through the camera's ability to continuously survey the surrounding environment in 360-degrees, including

  • AutoPilot tracking uses machine learning to track desired subjects/objects through the entire 360-degree field of view
  • Collision Avoidance Alert will automatically notify the rider of potential oncoming dangers that are outside the rider's natural field of vision
  • Highlight Reel will automatically edit and compile content with the most action

Advanced as they may be, this initial suite of features only scratches the surface of the advanced capabilities that video-integrated products will be able to provide consumers.

"Over the past decade smart technology has evolved to become a normal part of our everyday lives," said Peter Adderton, CEO of 360fly. "But there's always been one element missing - vision. 360fly's all-seeing single lens breaks down that next barrier. And with our advanced research and progress in machine learning, we are excited about the opportunities to further advance public safety, law enforcement, military, and even auto insurance." 

By utilizing a variation of the technology featured in the Giro and Bell Helmets, 360fly technology will be able to enhance a wider range of everyday products and services. Examples include providing auto insurance companies a complete 360-degree view of an accident that has occurred, providing law enforcement with a 360-degree field of view and audio or visual alerts of an oncoming and otherwise unforeseen threat.

While 360fly has established itself through groundbreaking products that put the power to create, consume and share personal virtual reality video in the hands of consumers, the company's sights are set beyond merely personal video capture and entertainment, toward a future where video integration makes smart products even smarter.

"Video enables vision, and vision unlocks the door to a whole new realm of possibilities for intuitive technologies in a wide variety of lifestyle applications," said Adderton. "The potential is only as limited as our imaginations."

About 360fly

360fly creates unique, 360-degree digital products that inspire users to capture, share and experience life's greatest moments in 360 degrees. Our passion has led us to redefine video capture, because we believe life is too rich to capture just part of it.


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