37Games Won 2 Awards at Tencent Global Partner Conference 2015

Nov 02, 2015, 08:00 ET from 37Games

SHANGHAI, Nov. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Tencent held its 5th annual Global Partner Conference, which began on October 22nd. Among all its participants, 37Games stood out, being rewarded with two awards at the same time. Legend of Conquest, created by its Aurora Studio, is listed in the Top 10 Most Popular Applications of 2015; and 37 Mobile Games, a subsidiary of 37Games, won the award for Top 10 Partners of Tencent.

Legend of Conquest is a browser game developed by 37Games's Aurora Studio. Soon after its release on Tencent's platform in April 2015, the game broke the platform's monthly revenue record. Legend of Conquest is now a top co-published brand and is recognized as another milestone of the partnership between these two great companies. The partnership between 37Mobile and Tencent App Store, on the other hand, demonstrates that 37Games is also highly competitive in the mobile game industry. Total daily downloads on the Tencent App Store has reached 180 million, taking up an almost 30% market share in China. By constantly optimizing content and services on the largest Android app store in China, 37Games has achieved an ever increasing performance on downloads, activations and registrations.

37Games founder and President Mr. Li Yi Fei commented that in this digital age, one can make good use of their resources in the marketplace and strengthen their advantages only through meaningful cooperation and partnerships. The two awards are an acknowledgment of 37Games's competitiveness and also proof of its successful partnership strategies.

One of the top 30 Chinese internet companies, 37Games thrives due to its open mind towards partners and strict attitude towards its products. This game giant never gives up any possible opportunity to cooperate with first-class developers, publishers and intellectual property providers. Speaking of intellectual properties, 37Games has a unique and effective way of utilizing its rich intellectual resources. Each intellectual property they have adapted to games has proven to be of great market value, e.g. Archangel, High Heaven, Nirvana in Fire and Dragon Blade. Past success has laid down a solid foundation, and this company has already expanded its ambitions to more world famous IPs like Lineage II and One Piece. Also, by acquiring the renowned Japanese game developer SNKP, 37Games will have better control over SNKP's classics titles like King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown.

With a unique insight in cooperation, 37Games has demonstrated its capability to maximize profit for both itself and its partners. The online industry, or online game industry to be precise, is open to all kinds of possibilities. It's highly likely that this young but ambitious company will bring more surprises to us in the near future.

SOURCE 37Games