3D: an Extra Dimension to Domestic Strife

Home cinema specialist Projectionscreen.net warns that 3D can take domestic disharmony to a whole new level.

Jun 09, 2010, 06:18 ET from Projectionscreen.net

OVERPELT, Belgium, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- With sports coverage and blockbuster movies now available in 3D, many households will be tempted to splash the cash on some 3D technology this summer. But while 3D might provide a new dimension to home entertainment, home cinema specialist Projectionscreen.net warns that 3D can take domestic disharmony to a whole new level.

In its latest consumer protection campaign, Projectionscreen.net has identified '3 reasons why women should say "no" to 3D.'

Otto Tromm, leading screen authority and founder of Projectionscreen.net, argues that: "Home entertainment is already a man's domain. Look at any typical household and see who controls the remote. It is invariably the man, and this can only get worse with 3D. Not only will there be arguments over what to watch, but also who lost the special 3D glasses and who gets to sit in the 'sweet spot' where the 3D effect is best."

To prepare householders for renewed competition for living room supremacy, Projectionscreen.net has issued a new graphic which can be used as a poster, a postcard or an illustration. The graphic shows three situations where 3D will promote conflict. Aside from the issues arising from lost 3D glasses and hogging the sweet spot, the immersive qualities of 3D make it even more of a conversation killer than television.

Otto believes that Projectionscreen.net has performed a public service by issuing this timely warning at the dawn of the 3D era. "While there is much to commend 3D in home entertainment, be prepared for more arguments, less communication between members of the family and even an increase in the divorce rate as 3D takes off."

Otto is settled in a long-term relationship and doesn't have 3D.

Projectionscreen.net's '3 reasons why women should say "no" to 3D' is available for download now and may be freely reproduced with appropriate credits. The high resolution PDF can be downloaded here.

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