3D Web Design Becomes a Reality

Mar 01, 2011, 03:01 ET from DreamCo Design

CHICAGO, March 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- DreamCo Design, a national web design company, recently announced their new S3D product technology which they, and many in the industry, feel will forever change the way a website is viewed.

S3D (site-3D) is a concept coined by DreamCo Design which applies the latest 3D technology and HTML5 standards to websites. The end result is websites being seen in an entirely new dimension, literally.

Research indicates that while DreamCo Design may be the first company to formally commercialize 3D website technology for businesses, the concept is bound to spread like a wildfire. Jay Correia, CEO of DreamCo Design, believes that name brands which are looking for a new angle on advertising and e-commerce based sites seeking out a better way to captivate audiences will be the first to buy in and put the 3D website technology to use.

"One of the major drawbacks internet based companies face as compared to their in-person competitors is making the product tangible. The added depth and dimension this technology can bring to products certainly has shortened the gap like never before."

Jay Correia | CEO of DreamCo Design

The technology that S3D uses is fairly new, and relies on industry standard technologies. It utilizes .JPS files (stereo .jpg images) and leans on 3D Vision (active shutter technology). Of course high-horsepower computing, graphic capabilities, and the 3D-glasses are required. With more and more turning towards the bleeding-edge of technology, the breakthrough put forth by DreamCo Design could spell a huge jump for online business.

"Just think of the edge a business can have online by showcasing its products in 3D."

Jay Correia | CEO of DreamCo Design

Only time will tell as to how much of an impact this may have on how all websites are portrayed but one thing is for certain, and that is consumers are always looking for the newest, latest, and greatest. 3D technology is already finding gains in the film, TV, and gaming industries, so why not online? DreamCo Design states that their S3D website product technology starts at $10K and goes up based on project size. To learn more about S3D you can visit the 3D web design section of their website.


Jay Correia

DreamCo Design



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