3Doodler Raises $1 Million in just 2 Days on Kickstarter

Feb 21, 2013, 11:36 ET from 3Doodler

BOSTON, February 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

3D printing pen draws $1 Million from Kickstarter community as it attracts over 12,000 backers in 44 hours

3Doodler, the world's first 3D printing pen, has smashed its Kickstarter (http://kck.st/V9zFjX) goal by over 3,685% as of 9:00am on Thursday 21st February, raising over $1 Million in funding from the internet community in less than 2 days (44 hours). The team set an original target of $30,000 and reached its goal within hours of launching on Tuesday this week at 3am EST.

3Doodler is the world's first 3D printing pen that allows you to draw in mid-air and create physical versions of your Doodles and ideas.  Proving to be a big hit with the design community, the popular Kickstarter project is on course to become 2013's biggest Kickstarter enterprise and is following in the footsteps of Pebble which went onto raise $10,266,845 in May 2012.

"We initially debated whether we should shoot for $20,000 or $30,000 so we're completely overwhelmed by the response from the Internet, hitting a million dollars in just two days. We were prepared though, just in case, and had arranged all the pieces in place to scale rapidly, even this rapidly. We're hearing the message loud and clear - people all around the world love Doodling and want to back our invention," said Peter Dilworth, Co-Founder & CEO of WobbleWorks.

3Doodler has already reached a number of key milestones in its first 3 days, hitting the inventions funding total at 11:38am on Tuesday (within 3hours 38 minutes), and 24 hours later reaching $500,000 (27 hours 50 minutes). The project has already attracted 1/6th of the number of backers of Pebble (12,488 to Pebble's 68,928) and, with 31 days to go, could even challenge Pebble for the Kickstarter crown. At the current rate of growth 3Doodler should hit the Top 10 Kickstarter projects ever next week.

Priced from just $75 for backers on Kickstarter, the 3Doodler has been created by serial inventors WobbleWorks to make 3D creation available to the masses. It has been designed to be compact and easy to use, you simply plug the 3Doodler into a power socket and start drawing anything in 3D within minutes. Whether freestyle 3D sketching, or tracing shapes from templates to make larger architectural structures, anything is possible.

The team have received numerous requests for items to be Doodled and can today reveal their next Kickstarter 'Thank You'. Thanks to popular demand, if the team hits $2 million they will create a very special 3D designed Harlem Shake video to thank the internet community for all their support.

3Doodler is expected to start shipping by September 2013. You can pre-order your 3Doodler now on the Kickstarter page: http://kck.st/V9zFjX

Technical notes:

3Doodler is not a toy for children. While the plastic extruded from 3Doodler is safe to touch once it has left the pen, the pen itself has a metal tip that can get as hot as 270C. There is no reason for any user to touch the tip while in use, but safety comes first, and we are creating a video series that will explain how to use the 3Doodler, covering off the different techniques and safety precautions necessary.

The 3Doodler uses ABS or PLA plastic as its "ink" - just like any of the more expensive 3D printers on the market. Each 3Doodler backed on Kickstarter comes with at least one bag of plastic. ABS is one of the most common plastics around. It's used in most of the plastic objects around you. PLA is what we call a "bioplastic". It's made from corn, is biodegradable and has a lower melting temperature than ABS. We are offering both choices as each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

3Doodler is compatible with 3mm ABS and PLA, and you can also buy ABS and PLA plastic in spools from a variety of sources.

Editor's notes

The 3Doodler Kickstarter Video can be found at http://youtube.com/3Doodler

High-resolution screenshots, logos and headshots can be found at http://bit.ly/3DoodlerPressPack

For more information please visit http://www.the3doodler.com

For media enquiries please contact press@the3doodler.com.

About WobbleWorks (http://wobbleworks.net)

WobbleWorks is an emerging toy and robotics company with big ideas. Our mission is to create affordable, cutting edge toys and robots that inspire and delight our customers the world over.  Founded in 2011, WobbleWorks is led by Peter Dilworth and Maxwell Bogue, experienced toy makers and enthusiasts. WobbleWorks' products include Wigglerz™ (Spring '13), and large walking dinosaurs such as Butch, the life-size robotic protoceratops, built for museums and theme parks. At WobbleWorks, we believe there is always room for more fun in the world!

About Peter Dilworth

Co-Founder & CEO of WobbleWorks LLC, Peter is an alumnus of MIT's Leg Laboratory and the MIT Media Lab where his work has contributed to numerous innovations in the field of robotics. Peter previously worked as an inventor at WowWee, one of the world's leading toy-makers.  One of Peter's long held ambitions is to build his very own robot dino army.

About Maxwell Bogue

Co-Founder & CTO of WobbleWorks LLC, Max is a graduate of Purdue University's Computer Science Program. Max's broad experience includes 3 years as an R&D Project Manager at WowWee where he launched products including Rovio, RS Media and ChatterBots. Max eventually hopes to build machines capable of vanquishing robot dino armies of any shape or size.

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