43,000 U.S. Jobs Being Created by Software Company Noah's Classifieds

Jun 01, 2010, 08:21 ET from Noah's Classifieds

PHOENIX, June 1 /PRNewswire/ --Noah's Classifieds, the Web's most popular classified ads software for websites, has announced the opening internet land rush for its new Noahslist.com. It is a classified ads portal with a twist: creating an estimated 43,000 jobs.

The Company allows people who want to be attached to the portal by licensing the link to their geographic area. For example: if you are in Dallas, Texas, you can license and operate the Dallas, Texas portion of Noahslist.com. You get to keep the earnings from ad postings, local banner advertising, specialty ads, etc.  Noahslist.com will help drive the traffic to you as the mothership to all the cities and neighborhoods.  It is viewed as  "You represent Noahslist.com, we present you."

Noahslist.com Founder and CEO Steve Taylor states, "Being reachable at a local level makes the difference."  While you monitor the quality of the ads being posted into the given licensed area, you can also communicate as a proprietor with customers. "Run your area,  it's yours to drive."  Unlike a typical classified portal, which is generally operated externally, Noahslist.com gives users the locally-operated edge.

Noahslist.com  just cannot license to anyone. All potential licensees go through a phone interview before being accepted, as the quality and understanding what the job is has to be there. The entrepreneurial spirit has to be there.  Each person, company or newspaper which licenses an area will go through a training process to help maximize their area's full potential.

Julie White, who has licensed the Phoenix, Arizona site states, "It took three days for Noahslist.com to make a decision on who would get Phoenix Noahslist. I know my market; I have been in business in Phoenix for twelve years. I know I will do very well with this. The training and support has been great and I look forward to a prosperous 'ad-venture' with  Noahslist.com as its reachable local operator in Phoenix."

The Company has pre-licensed to some of their classified ads software customers first and has now officially opened the gates and wishes everyone good luck. To learn more about Noahslist.com and on how to obtain an area, go to www.noahslist.com.

SOURCE Noah's Classifieds