4Squared Organics and Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions sign agreement

Jul 08, 2015, 09:00 ET from Anything Technologies Media Inc.

ROGERS, MN, July 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Anything Technologies Media, Inc. (OTC:EXMT) has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions, www.frontiergarden.com has entered into an agreement with 4Squared Organics www.4squaredorganics.com , a Nevada corporation. Under the agreement 4Squared Organics will provide consulting services, and its line of nutrient products for the Frontier owned medical marijuana development group: the Cannabis Facility Development Consortium (CFDC). 4Squared Organics offers design, project planning, and all aspects of cultivation and operational services for medical cannabis facilities as well as a full line of organic nutrient products.

"Frontier's creation of the CFDC is innovative to say the least," commented 4 Squared Organics COO Chad McCoy,"The consortium has a partnership feel and allows us to offer our expertise within projects where we already have a working relationship with the other companies and people involved. Combined we represent a much larger organization that offers a whole solution from start to finish. We are delighted to be part of this opportunity."

Jim Filkins, President of Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions stated, "4Squared brings immense experience to our group. Not only do they retain time tested processes and techniques for indoor cannabis cultivation, they are passionate about the science elements and are continually experimenting with new products and systems, within their own facilities, to ensure their services offer the very best results for customers."

About 4Squared Organics
With a Management Team possessing over 85 years of construction and cultivation experience combined, 4Squared Organics offers a full range of consulting services for the development of private and commercial indoor cannabis grow facilities. 4Squared Organics enjoys vast relationships with industry manufacturers and suppliers as well as established legal dispensaries. Services include: Land Development, Project Planning, Construction, Growing, Harvesting, Drying and Curing, Packaging, Testing, and Training. www.4squaredorganics.com

About the Cannabis Facility Development Consortium (CFDC)
Founded and facilitated by Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions, the CFDC is a bonded group of individuals and companies comprising expertise in all aspects of the development of indoor medical cannabis growing facilities and outdoor industrial hemp operations. Projects are originated by Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions who then contracts CFDC members for design, construction, infrastructure/product implementation, cultivation, and harvesting processes within the project. More information can be found at www.frontiergarden.com

About Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions, Inc.
Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions, Inc. is a consulting, sales and marketing company focused in the development of commercial indoor medical cannabis facilities and outdoor industrial hemp operations. It specializes in providing all the essential elements for creation of cannabis related economic development projects and programs for Native American Tribes, groups, and organizations, stressing an emphasis on education and medical research. Frontier is the founder and head of the Cannabis Facility Development Consortium, a group of individuals and companies providing specialties in every aspect of the development and operation of cannabis related grow facilities and operations. www.frontiergarden.com

About R-Quest Hydroponics, Inc.,
R-Quest Hydroponics, Inc., is a Hardware and Manufacturing Company with its headquarters in Placerville, California.  R-Quest Hydroponics, Inc., is focused on the development of new nutrient products, and the manufacturing and construction of growing facilities to enhance growing efficiency for Hydroponic plant growth. R-Quest is also is involved in developing and testing new technologies for this market space.    51% of R-Quest Hydroponics was acquired by IMD Companies Inc., (OTC: ICBU).  To see more information about R-Quest  go to  www.r-questhydro.com .  

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