5 Dressing Tips for College Freshmen and More - RELLECIGA's RIKINI Meets the Needs of a New Lifestyle

Sep 10, 2013, 08:20 ET from RELLECIGA from ,GiftForSexy.com

HOUSTON, Sept. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In the Northern Hemisphere, summer is about to end, which means that it's time to go back to school. Lots of students may feel bored about going back to school, but college freshmen are not included. They are looking forward to their college life, because it will be totally different and brand new and even more exciting. They can finally start their adult life and experience a new lifestyle with far more freedom.

To color up your college life, dressing is an essential part, for one's outfit is a statement of his/her characteristics and lets others notice and remember you. As a leading bikini brand in North America, RELLECIGA ("RC") enjoys great popularity among young ladies. About the dressing of college freshmen, RC's talented designers from RIDI in Paris, France have their own opinions and they've put together 5 tips for freshmen.

1. Select your dressing style according to the occasion

Life has many parts. After entering college, a freshman will begin to figure out that he/she has dorm life, academic life, social life, etc. In general, every occasion requires one to dress properly. One should dress in the most casual way when he/she is in the dorm; and if he/she is going to a class, one should dress more formally; as for social activities, dress up according to the theme of it, and don't forget one thing: try to be as hot as you can, or have your own outfit to make sure that you are unique and easier to recognize.

Most freshmen will go to the seaside and enjoy the beach, sunshine and sea. And beauties in swimwear, especially in sexy bikinis, cannot be missed in such a wonderful scene. All the youth are likely to show off their best side, and RELLECIGA can absolutely help these teens and tweens, especially after RC released the concept of the RIKINI. RIKINI refers to a bikini that can be worn in multiple ways and has various collocations. In other words, no matter what your style is - sexy, fashionable, wild, mild or fresh, just one set of RIKINI can meet all of your needs. Not only at the beaches, but RIKINI is also proper at many other occasions. If several friends hit the club or a bar together, it will be extremely hot for a young girl to put on a RIKINI top with shorts or jeans.

2. Bright colors are hot and suitable for youth

What can be more associated than bright colors for energetic youth, especially when they are welcoming a brand new life?! RELLECIGA bikinis are of multiple bright colors and they are really hot this year. Wearing one set of RC bikini will show out your fashion sensitivity as well as a positive attitude towards the unknown future.

3. Patterns stand for your unique choice

Patterns and prints are always better in RELLECIGA swimwear, especially bikinis. Fresh floral prints fit youths doubtlessly; stylish doodle prints can bring out one's rebel side; while allured leopard patterns are what one must try during the process of becoming an adult.

4. Novel styles fit a new life

As for novel style, nothing can be as fresh and stylish as RELLECIGA's RIKINI. As the creator of RIKINI which is a new category of the swimwear industry, RC knows the youth of this generation well. These youth are full of imagination and have their own ideas. What's more, they are looking forward to their new life instead of being afraid of it. RC created RIKINI originally to tell the world, especially the youth, that dealing all unknown things with imagination will bring amazing results to you!

5. Change is the only thing that will never change

Everyone knows the saying that change is the only thing that will never change. How to handle the change as a fashionista? Get a set of RELLECIGA RIKINI! You can change immediately the way you like at the moment that the same bikini appears at the same occasion. Holding change tightly in your own hand will make sure that you are always in the trend and won't be dumped by changeable fashion.

To make one's college life remarkable, proper dressing plays an important role. It can not only be the statement of one's characteristics, but also release one's imagination. RELLECIGA knows that every college freshman wants to make their new life distinguished, so it created RIKINI to help achieve this. Meanwhile, RC wants to tell these youth via the conception of RIKINI that one holds his/her future in his/her own hand and is the only one who is able to change his/her own fate. More information about RELLECIGA and RIKINI, please keep an close eye on RC's official website www.relleciga.com and official page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.