5 Surefire Tips For Finding Red Hot Deals On Winter Travel

Now's a great time to get out there, with January and February being among the cheapest months to travel. Aleza Freeman, editorial director, of One Degree World shares her expert money-saving tips to help you book a winter getaway.

Jan 19, 2015, 10:15 ET from One Degree World

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 19, 2015

  1. Choose your booking day wisely
    Try to book airfare mid-week and travel off-season, advises Freeman. Early in the year, after the holiday rush, is a great time to score some amazing travel deals. "I always pick a general timeframe in which I'd like to travel, then let the prices dictate the actual dates," she said. "If you can't be flexible, try booking at the last-minute."
  2. Consider a stay-cation
    For those of us who are lucky enough to live in places like Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando or any of the other top 300 destinations across the globe, why not be a tourist in your own town? Oftentimes locals are eligible for huge discounts on hotels and attractions, and you just may discover some hidden gems you never knew existed.
  3. When you do go out of town, find the local hot spots
    It's no secret that prices skyrocket in tourist areas, so why not explore off the beaten path? "There's absolutely no reason to stick to the typical attractions these days," Freeman says. "Lesser known hot spots are often much cheaper and more entertaining and interesting."  Try using sites such as Vegas.NINJA that offer insider info from anonymous ninjas who are connected to the city's social scene and are willing to share their secrets. 
  4. Decide what's most important, and save on the rest
    If staying in the lap of luxury is your thing, don't skimp on the hotel, but see about getting a great deal on a flight. Are you a foodie? Make sure you eat at the best places, but look for lower priced hotels for your accommodations.  Setting a budget in advance may also help ensure you stay in your financial comfort zone. "There's a deal out there for everything," Freeman says. "Just find the one that's right for you."
  5. Book on websites with best pricing guarantees
    Can't remember all these rules? Don't worry, just book with websites that have Guaranteed Best Pricing™ or a Certified Rate Protector ™. "All of the websites in our .BUZZ top-level domain – including paris.BUZZ, london.BUZZ, orlando.BUZZ, losangeles.BUZZ and vegas.BUZZ – come with pricing guarantees," she says. "Our patent-pending technology guarantees the best rate today, but will even automatically adjust and credit you if the price drops after you transact."

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