5-Ton Portable Air Conditioner Provides Small Footprint, Cost Savings

Jun 09, 2010, 10:30 ET from Atlas Sales & Rentals, Inc.

TORRANCE, Calif., June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- A re-designed portable air conditioner that delivers five tons (60,000 BTU/hr) of cooling capacity in a space-saving footprint is offered by Atlas Sales & Rentals, Inc.  Manufactured by KwiKool Portable Cooling Systems, the SAC (Strategic Air Center) Model 6021 portable unit features a sleek high-tech design in a very compact package now measuring just 24" wide  x 52" long  x 57.5" high. It is the first unit of its size to offer a hyper twin direct drive (HTD), resulting in easier and lower-cost service compared to portable coolers that use belt-drive systems. The HTD drive uses less space than belt drives, resulting in the smaller footprint while simplifying maintenance.

Floor space is a major issue in office buildings due to square footage costs and is even more of an issue in server rooms, since multiple racks tend to be placed in small areas.

The Atlas/KwiKool 5-ton unit takes up less space than many competitive models for more flexible and economical performance. It also uses a dual duct system for balanced air pressure – a more efficient design than single duct systems, which can lose 15% of their efficiency due to negative pressure. A high-pressure condensate pump is included with the unit, and a user-friendly control panel conveniently located on the front of the unit provides several cooling options.

The KwiKool 5-ton portable air conditioner is available from Atlas for rental or purchase and may be used for primary, supplemental or emergency cooling. For further information, contact Atlas Sales & Rentals, Inc., 20410 Gramercy Place, Torrance, CA 90501; phone 800-972-6600; e-mail info@atlassales.com ; web www.atlassales.com .

SOURCE Atlas Sales & Rentals, Inc.